Friday, November 14, 2008

Classic Shafter Moment #3690

October 2008 - Shafter, The Hash Monk makes a grand entrance at a recent hash run. Shafter always relished his role as the Monk.

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  1. Despite the sadness, I couldnt help but crack up at this pic of Shafter the famous Monk.... o this is so typical of our Shafter... his years with Flo have been the best and happiest times of his life and he could finally be himself. My dearest friend, RIP.

  2. We are sad and shocked by Shafter´s sudden passing away. He will for ever remain in our memories as one of the most colourfull, lively and funny characters we´ve met here in Samoa.
    The Apia Hash will never be the same....

    Our sincerest condolences for Flo and family.

    Bits and Pieces and Goer

  3. Teleki Malietoa IIINovember 22, 2008 7:12 pm

    Just heard...very sad. From the Margrey Tah days onwards Chris was always up to something. Hope many Vailima's were consumed in his honour.

    PS ; Still got mt video of the 500th Snake???