Saturday, November 15, 2008

Shafter's Memorial Service - 17 Nov 08

Just received confirmation from the GM Eveready last night. Hash's participation in Shafter's memorial services are set. Here's the current plan:
  • The GM, Eveready (752-3338) is Hash's point of contact with Shafter's family.
  • Shafter's service will be held on Mon 17 Nov 08.
  • The schedule:
    10am - Short Prayer Service @ Ligaliga Funeral Service
    (followed by) Memorial Service @ Yacht Club
    (followed by) Burial Service @ Vailele Cemetery
    (followed by) Hash Run 1440 @ Yacht Club
  • Hash is preparing the grave and providing the tent over it for the burial.
  • Hash dress for the services is black and white.
  • Hash will sing the International Hash Anthem at the Memorial Service.
  • Hash will do a proper Hash Run at the Yacht Club followed by a Hash Circle right after the burial service (so the run will be EARLY at about 3pm)
  • Donations are optional and anonymous. They will pay for Hash's contribution for the grave. The remainder will be presented to the family as a lump sum from the Apia Hash House Harriers.
  • Donations can be dropped-off with:
    o Eveready / Karaoke @ Adria's Cakes OR
    o Snake / Fang @ The Snake Pit OR
    o Princess of Darkness / Lewinski @ Yacht Club / On the Rocks

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