Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hash Trash - Valentines Run @ ACP

Since the Scribe is getting flak left right and center, he thought it best to put together some trash from the Valentines Run held at ACP Vaitele. Thanks to Uncle Fred and the family at ACP for letting us have our hash run at their premises. Uncle Fred Gave the OK for the big 1500 run to be held there again so were definitely looking forward to it.

There were clear instructions last week and on the blog that all hashers were to turn up in red or pink to celebrate Valentines Day..it was shocking to see that only half of the hashers made the effort. Those that did not come in the right colours were given their down downs for their lack of effort.

The run was set on paper, some red, some white, and from the complaints that came through after the run, it was quite a long one.(Poor sods who actually made it)

When the formalities got under way, the pace was set from the first award..there were a hand full of new runners, most of which were only here on holidays and were dragged in by AC/DC and Gordon Ramsey. Some of the mere's didn't want to leave Samoa and SOTB kindly offered his place for them to stay..There was a mix of new runners, from Kiwis, to Poms through to Canadians and one from the Caribbean..not sure if shes Pirate material.

There were a couple of retreads in Kamikaze (dont know his real name but everyone went with Kamikaze) and someone else..i forget.. i blame the lovely alcohol filed lamington.
There were 3 new shoes present at hash. Gordon Ramsey, DJ and Mr Silva. All 3 men did well not to waste the beer while drinking out of their boots.

GM's awards started off with Snake, being on the front page of the Observer with the 14.5 ft sausage..SOTB tried to dob the GM in for his 2 photos on page 4 of the paper but it didn't stick. Underated took a down down for closing down the Curry house for 2 weeks longer than he had advertised..Obviously there were Hashers with a craving for some real curry!
Skanky got slapped with a down down for not wearing Pink when she helped to organise the Valentines hash run.
Michael was nominated for a down down for claiming to be a Virgin (I think there's a movie about this - 40 year old Virgin)
DJ tried to nominate AC/DC for something which ended up backfiring and he ended up with his down down.

Numerous Nominations were thrown all over the place..The scribe got one for finally posting some has trash from the 1450 run. Lewinsky got one for making POD do the speech at Happy Feet's birthday party. Tony Blair handed over 'The Chicken' award to Karaoke because her daughters are now gone and she cant play mother hen anymore. GM recons otherwise..
SOTB nominated one of the new girls from England for having a "dirty nipple"..apparently she hugged a tree during the run..Yeah Right!..

Best dressed award went to the Vet chick (Dammit, forgot your name..im going to stick with the lamington as my excuse) with her Pink dress & matching stockings...
SOTB, Farmer Joe and Crash did a down down for sneaking back to the GM's place last week to finish the 7% keg..unfortunately the other culprits have all gone overseas.

There was a great spread of food which everyone helped with. Being a BYO BBQ, hash pulled through yet again to provide a great feed for the evening and to top it off, there was that "lovely alcohol filled" lamington cake for desert.

A few ended up at HQ but most decided enough was enough when the keg ran out. Great Effort!

Thanks again to the Family at ACP- The Foundation of Samoa (You got a Toyota) for having us over for hash. Thanks to all the Hashers that helped chip in with the BBQ and to everyone that came. Remember next run is Lezzie's Birthday so it should be rather interesting..

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  1. Man guys... sounds like we missed a good run! Us Hash Mary's are feeling a wee bit homesick now that we've read the blog...lol