Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Hash Trash - Run 1450

G'Day to those of you who have taken the time to read the hash trash, yes, hash trash has been slack over the last few weeks/months..but he has to work too. Today I received a call from the GM requesting hash trash to be posted so here it goes, or what I can remember from that night.

Apia Hash House Harriers held their 1450th Run on the 2nd February 2009 at the GM & Karaoke's Home in Lotopa. There was a great turnout with close to 50 Mad/Keen Hashers present for the celebration. AHHH ordered 2 of the "Special Kegs" aka 7% (as if the normal keg wasn't enough)for this run and boy did they go down well (Thanks Vailima Breweries and our 'Inside Contacts' - Mighty Mouse and Double-D for hooking us up!)

The Run was set by Kiwi and his Son (Sorry, I cant remember his name and no this doesn't warrant a down down for hash trash) who was running late and driving like an F1 Driver trying desperately to get to the GM's place to set the run. We were told it was to be a short run but only a handful made the effort to complete it. The rest decided a short cut was the best option and many returned to base before the Hare's got back.

When the festivities got under way, to many peoples surprise, the GM had invited TV3 and the Samoa Observer to hash to mark this special event. (Truth be told, I think he wanted them there for his birthday- See Samoa Observer Wednesday Paper page 4...he he he) It was great to see Apia Hash present in the Local News on TV3 and in the Observer. As most of us know Hash here in Samoa has been going strong for almost 28 years now. We'd like to extend a Big Fa'afetai to the crew of TV3 and the Samoa Observer for their support.

With the GM handing out a few awards, most hashers were somewhat hesitant to make nominations, possibly due to the fact that the keg was not the norm and that many were probably scared of getting too far to the dark side. There was a bit of rain during the awards but this did not stop the Hashers from having a great time.
Retreads were Crime, Slippery, Enforcer, Rottie, Under Rated, COT, Orgasm...and possibly one or two others...
Orgy Georgy was the only hasher with new shoes and Kiwi filled up his boot to drink from, luckily for Orgy Georgy, his shoes had enough holes for half of the beer to leak out of.
Some of the GM's awards went to Wahoo, who had to drink out of a glass that all the Hash Mere's seem to love..yes, its the 1 Foot long Penis Glass..and Wahoo did well to down her award. AC/DC was handed an award but as he was not drinking, he handed it over to his whipping boy Gordon Ramsey who ended up doing a double as he had his sun glasses firmly attached to his head. Ray Charles was also given a down down but he too handed it off to his whipping boy. (What is wrong with these Hash Men???)
Double D and Mighty Mouse were given awards for helping Provide the 2 special kegs for hash.

There were Hash T-Shirts that had to be given out to those that have completed X number of runs. Rottie, Enforcer, Orgy Georgy, Under Rated were given their T-Shirts along with a down down to celebrate their Runs.

Mustang and Desirable were given a Down Down each as it was also their farewell run. All the best in NZ and don't forget to stop by for a run or two.

Monday's Run was also a special one for our GM who was celebrating his Birthday (Happy Birthday GM) along side with the 1450 Mark. And no that's not his age. In order to celebrate this run, AHHH decided to cook a sausage, that measured out at 14.50 Feet. No need to tell you why they chose 14.50 feet. (This left some hash Mere's overly excited and the hash men were feeling sexually threatened) We believe this is the longest Sausage ever made and cooked in Samoa (What an achievement!) Thanks to the Snake and his team of chefs that cooked the Sausage, it sure was a hand full.

When it came down to the nominations, there were only a few handed out. Most hashers were holding back from being dobbed in for some crime they may have done over the week and during the run. Kiwi was given one for his Formula 1 Driving skills as well as for being the Hare. The GM was nominated for his Birthday and given a down down and his Cake which he happily sunk his teeth into. Tony Blair was handed the Chicken of the Week award and Lezzie was promptly given the Tit of the week award for turning up late to hash...again. A few Hashers got down downs for leaning up against the post and holding up the house.

The Hash Meres (Mustang, Delicious, Desirable, Delectable, Dori, Skanky and Mighty Mouse) made a donation to AHHH by presenting a Drinking Boot - DAS BOOT - Which is a staggering 2L glass - shaped like a boot (Why do I try and explain this?) To thank them, the Boot was filled and they had to down it as a team..which they did rather well. Thanks again Ladies...

The Hash Men and Meres had prepared (or tried to) a small show for each other. The hash men did a Tokelauan Haka that didn't go as well as expected (Camera Shy I guess) With the hash men stripped down to a lava lava, they preformed the haka with the Hash Meres laughing away. The Hash Mere's Preformed a small dance- So long, farewell....which got some of the older hash men excited..AC/DC couldn't control himself and he joined the Mere's in their Dance.

Once the Awards and formalities were done, the food was presented and what a spread! There was an array of great food and it didn't take the Hash group long to get into it. From the 14.5 Foot sausage to the GM's special Bean dish to a lovely spicy oka and faalifu talo (Getting hungry again!) and roast ham, turkey, cakes, salads, you name it..(Be right back, gone to get some food..) A BIG Thank you to the GM & Karaoke for a lovely hash feed I have ever had...

When the night was over, the hashers moved on to HQ to continue the party to celebrate the 1450 Run...and when the night was over, a little birdy told me that a few hard-core hashers decided to head back to the GM's place to finish off the keg. (Gm at the start of the run said that he wanted the keg finished so those hashers were just following orders)

All in all, it was a great night and a memorable one. Again a big thanks to the GM and Karaoke, Snake and the Chefs, TV3 and Samoa Observer and to all the Hashers that made the effort to come down to hash..great to see you all there still supporting AHHH. If I have forgotten anything, oh well, I may have to take a down down for it next week but for now..ON ON!


  1. Thanks SOTB for the trash....thank goodness Im here to help remember some of the goings on...LOL.

    Ditto A BIG FAAFETAI TELE to GM and Karaeoke for the fantastic spread - one would have thought this was a full on wedding...or is this a practice run!!LOL. Thanks Snake and all the mismanagement for the extra special effort put into this 1450 Run to make it more memorable.

    We sure will miss Desirable & Mustang Sally.... SCRIBE, one of the comments missed in the hash trash was the comment from the GM about these two not being welcome back unless they come with partners or failing that, some go girls!!! Have a good one in NZ and take good care of yourselves.

    Go AHHH - well done and fantastic turnup- great to see Enforcer and Rottie back, hopefully they keep cumming!!
    ONON SassygirlBJ

  2. I challenge all the meres to wear a Red dress next week and the hashmen, some sexy pink number for the Valentine Run. Get in to the spirit of Valentine....whoever the heck he or she is...LOL

  3. Good job with the Hash always great to be reminded of things you didnt know you forgot lol!

    Sassy I love the challenge! I have the perfect red dress to wear as well....too bad I'm going to be in New zealand...oh well.. =D

  4. Greetings all - I have now done the Nadi Hash, doing Pacific Harbour on Saturday and Suva Hash Monday. May not survive. Great trash SOTB, but what about the previous runs, you lazy bastard! See you in a few.