Friday, January 30, 2009

Hash Run 1450 - 2/2/09

Talofa All,

Next Week's BIG 1450 Run will be held at the GM's House at Lotopa. Be sure to wear something somewhat outrageous and be prepared for one heck of a night. There are a few surprises on Monday so come prepared, and it might pay to bring a spare set of never know!

Directions: Go up Lotopa Road towards RLS Primary school and turn left just after Adria's Cakes & Lynn's Store, Go to the house at the back and you cant miss it.

Map is attached for those who are too slow to read or understand directions.

See you all there,


1 comment:

  1. Sorry I won't be there, but I will look at the blog from Fiji.
    Hey SOTB how come your lazy ass can't post the Hash gossip - I've sent you enough notes to work from. Never mind, that will get me a down-down.