Monday, January 12, 2009

Hash Trash- Run 1447 (a)

The run was set by Kiwi and SOTB using Kiwi’s chariot. It was absolutely pissing cats and dogs, so the pack was quickly loosing the trail of paper. Lewinsky and John led the way down a short-cut for the on-home, and blamed Poumuli for the crime for which he got a down down. There was one newbie to the Hash – Tala. Many re-treads as well – POD, Happy Feet, Snakebite, Venom, Fang, Tony Blair, Selena and Ladesha. In the circle the GM apportioned many awards to the wayward girls for their cooking skills (lack thereof – Desirable), staying up all hours (Delicious) and for poor harmonizing (Skankanavian and Desirable). Tony Blair got an award for not protecting the family jewels while climbing over his own fence. John got a Casanova award for leing (sic) 4 girls in one night. A few bruises on Tala’s leg resulted in a wife-beater award to the much-maligned Poumuli. Lewinsky got several well-deserved awards for being quarrelsome and cheap. After Kiwi took the hare’s down down a fine BBQ was consumed. The only downside was the lack of a keg and the beer ran out too early.

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