Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hash Trash 1447b

It was another extremely wet and rainy day out at Lewisky and POD’s in Taumesina. The run on paper was set by SOTB and Kiwi, who neglected to say that it was going to be an A to B run with a ride back in Kiwi’s truck. Weather and the conditions caused many to short-cut it back as a result, including a handily twisted ankle for Lewinsky. Only a few die hards made it to the truck at the golf course in Fagalii, but were then so wet and cold that they ran back to base anyway. John and Poumuli were the last to return.

Hash circle was presided over by POD (Deputy Dawg?) and she did a great job controlling the increasingly boisterous gang. One newbie was introduced- Shannon. There were also a number of retreads – Lezzie, FBI, AC/DC, etc.

Several innovative awards were given – Selena for starting up a cocktail function each month that would rival HQ1, Tala for not waiting for a cigar cutter and instead biting off the end, and FBI had to drink from Snake’s shoe. Media award went to Poumuli for a letter to the Editor, and drank alone as Pussy Snatcher was absent for his story in the paper. John had to take Godfather’s down down due to the resemblance of their hairstyles or lack thereof. The girls did several down downs for unmentionable acts. SOTB got a down down for accepting fan mail from a whole boys’ jazz band, and dragged Poumuli into the front and center for being ungrateful. Mr. Whippy received an honorary one on behalf of his Mum’s appearance in the news (palagi with a Samoan heart).

The Hash Monk appeared for a naming ceremony and we now have a newly named addition in Lewinsky’s sister, now known as Pro Boner.

The hares and the hosts completed the ceremony, and yet another great feast was consumed. Big thanks again to POD, Lewinsky, Pro Boner and Happy feet for another great run...
Look forward to seeing you all next week, hopefully it doesn't rain!

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