Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lewinsky's BIG 30...Manase- Savaii...

Lewnisky's BIG 30 will be next weekend in Savaii at Stevensons at Manase Resort.

The main party will be on Saturday, but if you can head over earlier on Thursday or Friday, then by all means, hop on the ferry and come across for a great weekend of fun in Savaii.

If you are planning on coming across, here are the special rates for that special weekend.

Beach Fales:
$60 per night - Includes Breakfast and Dinner

$100 Per Night - Includes Breakfast and Dinner

$200 Per Night - Includes Breakfast and Dinner
(Note: No Children allowed in the Suites)

Children Rates:

Children Under 4 - FREE
Children 5 - 11 Yrs - Half Price (50%)

This special starts on Wednesday 7th April - Sunday 11th.

To Book your accommodation, call the Resort on 58219 and ask for Liz or Darcy and mention to them that you are booking your accommodation for Courtney's Birthday to get the special rates.

If you need any more info, then call Lewinsky on 7500592

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