Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Hash Run - Sinalei Reef Resort

Godfather has kindly offered to host the Easter Run down at the Sinalei Reef Resort in Siumu. No doubt there will be a nice long tough run prior to our partaking of the beer. The Run will start at 3pm so feel free to come down earlier if you feel like relaxing on the beach before the run starts.

The run will be down on the beach so park your vehicles up at the car park and walk down to the beach.

Directions: Head over to the south coast via the Cross Island Road and turn right when you get to the bottom. Head in that direction and look out for the Sinalei Reef Resort Gate.

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  1. Hello Samoa Hashers;

    My name is Ryan McLane, and I am in Apia from 2/4-14/4 for work. A friend suggested I look up your group, as perhaps the most depraved and entertaining on the island. Two questions;
    Do you have a walking group as well (bad hip)?
    If so, any chance I could pay for a ride to (and hopefully from)Sinalei on Monday? I am staying at the Otago House on the NUS campus, but can meet wherever works for a potential driver.
    Cheers! or local number: 7254668

  2. Hi John, Sorry, didnt see this post till today. We do have walkers at hash, only the "hardcore" do the running, the rest jog/walk.
    Keep an eye on the hash site for the run next week. It will probably be somewhere close to town.