Friday, October 29, 2010

Hash Trash 1540

Kia orana everyone from Wahoo and Poumuli in Aitutaki! Having a great time and many thanks to the Hash for our great send-off.

Hash 1540 was hosted at Psychadelic's house in Taumeasina. It was a very hot day and daylight savings time didn't help. The run was somewhat confusing with lots of dead trails and in the end several got lost and headed home. But it was a good sweat out and all enjoyed themselves.

Princess of Darkness was the GM, and she called the newbies into the circle. These were Nina (Poumuli's cousin), Jorgen (brought by some strange tree species), Laura from NZ, Sefo (Brazilian's brother), and Nica from NZ going to Tokelau. There was also Kalani from Maui, Jean from Marquesas and Albert from Jamaica, all brought by Poumuli. The GM decided that Jorgen knew enough of the rules to let Poumuli off the hook, so he took his Disingenous Award.

The Rethreads were Blackadder, Kjetil, Hot Nuts, Slim Shady, and Dawn Raid, who took a double for wearing shades. New Shoes - Carin from Italy, who gamely downed from her brand new sneakers. Chilindrina was first brought in from hiding, then the GM told a funny story about the missing wheel of Zsa Zsa now in the posession of Russian Vet Slava - not present so she got a Norwegian to join her - Kjetil.

Celebrity Awards went to Godfather, Spanky, Screamer (Brazilian closest living relative) and Pussysnatcher for ads about the stolen pussy. This Day in History went to Brynne (last time Canada defeated US in battle), Carin(Italian General burning Skopje to the ground to stop cholera, then dying from it anyway) and all the UN employees for UN Day.

Sassygirl BJ nominated Fang for gently fondling the sausages, something Snake had never seen he claimed. Strangler nominated the Hares for Disrespecting Tradition for setting the run through a cemetery. Strangler joined them at the urging of Poumuli for calling the hash run a sporting event. Slim Shady nominated Eveready and Swinger for Lighting Their Nipples Award at the wedding, which Do Me Twice joined in. Slim Shade also joined for False Accusation against Lewinsky.

DMT nominated FBI for Culturally Insensitive for wearing skirt on head! Sassy got Tasha for exclaiming "I got new boobs" during the new shoes award, while Eveready nominated the GM for the Out of Control Dancing Award. At this point the village was falling silent so we had to wrap up the circle. CB nominated Snatch for the Do Not Wear That Dress Award, which backfired after a vote in favour of Womyn's Lib, so Pussysnatcher and CB took it. The hosts and hares were saluted in the normal manner, albeit at a whisper.

Godfather made an announcement regarding the Walk for Life. DMT will be our contact point for that.

Next week's run will be at Why Not Bar down by the harbour.

That's all for me - being called by Wahoo.

On On

Poumuli, IKA Slit

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