Monday, November 11, 2013

Run 1699 - Russell & Overstayer @ Vaigaga

Talofa lava Hashmen and Hash Meres - [Run commences @ 1800hrs ma'ai]

Today's run will be at Vaigaga, close to the home of the world class beer VAILIMA PURE! 
Head westward from Apia to Vaigaga and turn right just before the two storey building housing Cecilia Keil's Fashion House. There is also a signage saying Bayview Nursery and continue to the end of the driveway till you spot a lot of cars lol!!!

If you have driven past Vailima Breweries then you have gone too far! Call someone for help like on 7574250!!

Bring some change as the weather looks a bit dodgy today and we do not want any of you catching a cold before the big events!!

Bring your $20 as well! Overstayer and Russell will be laying on the kaikai!

And just to confuse you newbies further...herewith are the directions from Honourable Kevin Rudd:
Directions: heading out of town turn right off vaitele rd in Vaigaga at a small white sign which says 'bayview enterprises' (there is a chinese shop with a carpark leading back from the road on the corner).. about 100m along the rough dirt road is a compound on the right with a big green fence and small guardhouse with a green roof. Russ will have a good idea where to park cars. Russ and Kate's hosting house for bathroom etc is the first unit on the right through the gate, the circle will convene under our double garage right opposite (first unit on the left).


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