Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hash Trash 1726

The Hash was hosted by Lewinsky at On the Rocks in the absence of any offers. A live run was set by Crime, and the few and merry who had turned up set off down towards Vaiala, and back along the sea wall, no doubt admiring the new “beach” being created for the “delight” of visiting dignitaries to the SIDS Conference. Your Scribe is still incapacitated so instead went for a walk on the sea wall with Wahoo and Slippery, who was busy taking pictures of all and sundry. Then it was on back to OTR for the circle. 

There were no newcomers to Hash, but the retreads were Wahoo, Poumuli (travelling the world), Eveready (locked up in the house) and Daniel (wife in attendance). The GM then turned to his charges, and apparently Daniel and Lewinsky had reneged on paying their bet with the GM on the Klitschko fight. While this was happening Slippery and Eveready got down downs for having their hands in their pockets in an intense game of billiards.

In This Day In History, Poumuli (1814 – The Constitution of Norway is signed and Crown Prince Christian Frederick of Denmark is elected King of Norway by the Norwegian Constituent Assembly) and Sassygirl BJ (1953 – Jackie Cochran becomes the first woman to break the sound barrier – she is loud enough to break the sound barrier).

Celebrity Awards went to Lewinsky (CLR to FBI for photo in paper), Poumuli (CLR to Captain Mortein for mention of crazy Danish tourists in paper) and Crime (CLR to Tiger Woody AKA Kiwi – Tiger Woods story).

Opening up for nominations, Sassy wanted to know what had happened to the floor boards at the back of OTR, as one had cracked and nearly sprained her ankle. It was generally agreed that Lewinsky was a cheap bastard who would fight over a 5 sene piece, this leading to a Hash Endangerment Award. Poumuli nominated Daniel for the Marketing Award, since attempts to make a booking at Samoana using numbers provided by Bluesky, Yellow Pages etc all failed, and the correct number was only ascertained from staff – upon arrival at Samoana!

Sassy nominated Eveready for the Putting His Foot Down Award for escaping home and coming to the Hash. Daniel wanted to nominate the GM for a Failure to Communicate Award. He had texted him twice to ask where the Hash was, with no reply. Ascertaining that Daniel has internet access and could have looked at the Blog, he joined the GM for a Dumas Award.

On form, Sassy wanted to know if Wahoo had gotten lucky over the holiday and was preggers. Er, no, that would be all the food she ate, so a Weightist Award to Sassy. The GM then invited POD and Godfather to take a down down, as they had had none yet. Poumuli wanted to nominate Lewinsky for the breaking story of Monica writing a book, but since he hadn’t raised this in the celebrity awards he had to join. Daniel then recalled how the Kiwis had cheated during the ANZAC cricket game, but the only Kiwi born present was Amalia, so Poumuli had to suffer this indignity.

The Hare and the Host were saluted. Next week’s Hash will be hosted by Transporter and Lowrider for Goldfinger's farewell run at Seyleck in Vaitele and the week after by Daniel at Crime’s place by Apia Park.

On On
Poumuli, IKA Slit

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