Thursday, May 22, 2014

Upcoming Run #1727 - Bring a Friend along / Goldfinger's fairwell

Morning Everyone, this Monday's run will be hosted by Lowrider & Transporter at Seyleck Auto's in Vaitele.  We had to shift the runs around as this will be Goldfinger's fairwell, so Dan & Crime will host the following week.  The theme of the night is to bring someone new to hash to show everyone what we do & how much fun we have, so lets all make a big effort and get some new faces to HHH!!
As usual the run will start @ 5.30 and there will be plenty of Vailima's finest, Goldfather's sweet nuts and we will make sure there is some softies as well. 
This will be the first run after the Savai'i crossing so I am sure a huge number of everyone will be needing a drink!!
See you all there

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