Sunday, December 06, 2015


It is the festive season once again... my how time flies when one gets old lol

Following is a quick update for tomorrow's run!

  1. Starting from Sunrise Restaurant at Samoa Ports Authority location, Matautu
  2. Run will start sharp 5.30 given the many stops and drinking to be had along the way
  3. Santa will be in the house
  4. Santa's Ride 1: Eveready and if weather turns to custard, we will go to plan B.?? lol
  5. Hash cash of 20 tala applies which will go towards your food
  6. do get in to the spirit of the occassion - wear some xmassy decorations, by golly some of you need a lot of it lol and bring your vocal chords :)
  7. Any questions revert to the GM who will rule whichever way she sees fit!
  8. Monk has gone awol thank goodness so no discussions about name changes!
ON ON...bring it ON


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