Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hash Trash- Fathers Day Run

Fathers Day run @ Matareva

Hashers were lucky this weekend to receive good weather for their Father Day run at Matareva. Hash started out with a good turn out considering it was a public holiday.

Snake and Fang managed to find the hash bunch a fale right in the middle of the beach which was excellent!

Snake set off early to set one of his famous runs which included everything from mud, to the jungle, and water..lots of it too..

From the stories and complaints from those that did the run, it sounded like a great one. Malo Snake...Kiwi got back early with his son from the run and got the BBQ going. Poumuli brought some of his famous spare ribs with that killer sauce (got to get him pissed to hand over the recipe) The GM kept his promise and brought that tasty turkey..boy was it good. Selena brought her famous Bolivian Steak..and the other hashers all threw in some form of chow for all to enjoy.

The hashers were starting to get a little nervous and started getting the shakes when Lewinsky turned up 2 hours late with the Keg.2 hours was obviously too long a break from the nectar of life for the Apia Hash...so to help with this, Pussy Snapper was sent up a coconut tree to collect a few nuts (hero award if you ask me) Also, an odd view, to see a white fella up in the coconut tree collecting nuts..

When Lewinsky turned up, it didn’t take long for the hash team to get the keg setup and start pouring what must have been one of the better kegs that hash has had!

Awards were thrown left right and center. They came in from all over the place, and every hasher that was present received a down down..some had a few more than they could handle as Lewinsky tried to revive an already dead coconut tree with whatever he had for lunch..Tony Blair was hit up for an early down down for not bringing the hash mugs (only 2 weeks into the job and he forgot-terrible) Lewinsky copped a down down for being 2 hours late with the keg. Snake had his share of down downs for not helping certain Hash Meres in distress, as did Pussy Snapper. The med students received a few down downs for their misdemeanors during the run and during the Hash Circle. Poumuli copped a few down downs too for not explaining the rules to the new comers. There was a lot of hand bagging during the awards, with hashers trying to DOB others in for down downs.

Hash went well on into the evening at Matareva, and then migrated to Headquarters where the real alcoholics continued to party on into the wee hours of the morning.

Big thanks again to all the Hashers that turned up for the run at Matareva. Was a great day with some sun, sea, sand, lots of mud and that nectar of life stuff.. Hope you all had a great Fathers Day and see you all at next weeks run at Taumeasina. Remember, next weeks run is on Tuesday to accommodate the Australian Navy Crew.

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