Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hoppy's Going Down Under!!! - Mon 25 Aug 08

Talking about going out with a BANG…..last night’s run saw a fantastic turnout of regular hashers, which were slightly outnumbered by the medical students from Old Mother England and her environs and to top it off, a special brew… Vailima Export Lager, renowned for its smooth taste, high alcohol content and ability to make people speak in many tongues in a very short amount of time…. Let alone speak to the ground in languages no one else can comprehend! LOL

Last night’s run was co-hosted by Underrated, Xrated and the departing HOPPY who shouted the potent keg.

The trot set off from Lotopa, with Poumuli, as always, leading the pack astray until SassygirlBJ found the trail heading towards the new Lotopa Ford (it wasn’t a RHD Ford). Trail ran along the river banks, nicely dotted with used diapers and rusty cans of all shapes and sizes. Poor Delicious almost lost her virginity along the same trail when a tree branch refused to let her go. Snake came to her rescue… and all this before the nectar of the Gods….lol.

Trail meandered along the dry river bed and ended up someone’s taro patch and onto the tar-sealed road at Vailoa. From there the pack headed towards the golf-course and goodness knows where-else as the walkers, including the scribe went awol as usual and took the short-cuts home. Kiwi, the hare was noticeably unimpressed when he reached base and found half the hashers already relaxing in armchairs smoking and sucking on nuts….not as sweet as Godfather’s Nuts tho!

GM called the noisy bunch for the ONONs.

Welcome to the many new boots – Medical Students. Some very fit and good looking runners in this bunch..lol.. there was even a sensitive one who liked to go for long romantic walks on the beach and watch the sunset…. Delicious offered to take this new hasher for a walk any time. Go Delicious!!!

There were only a handful of retreads to penalize and they promptly fronted up, most likely fearing a double down down of the super charged nectar.

Samoa may not have won any gold medals at the Olympics, but according to the GM, Samoa definitely got Gold Medals during the HMAS Manoora’s recent visit to Apia… the die hard, party hard girls, led by Delicious and Kuini ensured the ships company was well entertained whilst in town. Malo Party Girls. It was also whispered to the Scribe that a search party was sent out one of the nights to look for Delicious who went awol for a while…..she was just checking out the moon beams on the stilled waters of Apia…lol.

A visiting blondish Cinderella with defined biceps and the mouthy one from Wales were pulled up for wearing new boots and made to drink out of their supposedly new shoes. Thank goodness they were bloody good sports as the Scribe’s bionic eyes did not agree with the sniffer (ACDC)’s assessment, but what the heck… good for a laugh!!! Shafter encouraged them to drink more Vailima for medicinal purposes should any untoward signs appear from this exercise.

Snake was dobbed in for accusing one of the hash-men for not damn well answering his phone, when it was discovered that he had been ringing Fang (his missus) all the time. One would say this is signs of old age.

The following received their shirts – Hoppy, his 55th100th….no that’s not his age!!! Note the Sean Connery, young good looks folks… ACDC, 50th, not his age either, just the speed of his mouth when inebriated, Shafter his 500th, definitely deserving at place at RLS or Guggenheim Museum…LOL… and Delicious, her 50th as well. NO COMMENTS…LOL!!! Shafter and Hoppy both undressed and played stupid buggers after unsuccessfully trying to get Delicious to change her new shirt in front of the crowd.

Lauren, with the Technicolor shorts was penalized for washing her face and hands with the beer….serious misdemeanor here. GM and Karaeoke were dobbed in by Tony Blair for both forgetting their own wedding anniversary despite having invited TB and Selena two weeks before. Karaeoke and Delicious (whipping girl for GM) took the penalty. At this stage of the proceedings, Delicious was starting to speak several languages all at the same time…what a talented mere!!

SassygirlBJ dobbed in Under-rated for burning her after helping to cook the BBQ for him. Hobby, being the good sport that he is helped his co-host by keeping him company with an additional down down. In the meantime, Kiwi tried to incriminate Shafter, who had rcvd his third down-down and was having problems standing upright, by slipping him a sausage to eat in the circle. Shafter turned the table on Kiwi instead, after protesting that Karaeoke was trying to eat his sausage!!!

The GM called all to sing the hash national anthem in honor of our departing mate Hoppy plus threatened to give him a double down down if he did not promise to come back to Samoa.

The motley lot was later on treated to an excellent spread of chicken and fish curry with the accompaniments plus a full on BBQ. Ummm ummm very very nice spread Xrated.

If you can remember any other dirt that you want included in the hash trash, drop me a note or just leave a comment on the blog, or better still, you can write the next hash trash.. ONON!!!



  1. Many thanks SassygirlBJ for another outstanding Hash Trash... Mr. Whippy.

  2. one would think i have nothing else better to do eh..LOL....