Monday, August 25, 2008

HMAS Manoora Visit with AHHH - Tue 19 Aug 08

History was made last week in the 28 plus years of running Hash in Samoa. Hash was moved to a Tuesday to accommodate some visiting Aussie hashers with a drinking problem who hit the shores of Samoa salivating for the nectar of the Gods. Many an old hash man commented that it took a hash mere to change what has withstood for 28 years of running hash in Samoa. One can only say, it takes smart hash men to take notice of the meres some time… ok most of the time!!! On On SassygirlBJ!!!

There was quite some excitement as the local chapter of hashers assembled at the Maliu Mai Restaurant and Bar at Fugalei, in anticipation of some fresh blood straight off the HMAS Manoora. Finally, Jock pulled up with a ute-full of fresh blood alright, just the right sex for the meres to ogle. Some of the old hashmen whined about the lack of the female sailors in the group. Of course they brightened up when some medical students made their appearance. Pathetic could be the appropriate term here…LOL!!!

The enthusiastic trot took the runners through the swampy reclaimed area of Taufusi. Scribe, believes this is one of Snake's old stomping grounds! The group ended at the lights at AST and proceeded up the Moamoa road until the climb up to the Prayer House on Mt. Vaea. The walkers took the gentle climb whilst the fit lot were chased by the visiting sailors up the mountain. Finally as dusk fell the group started arriving back at base thirsty, sweaty and a bit smelly for their efforts.

The visitors were well taken care of, fed and consumed plenty of Vailima, drunk from the shells of Godfather's sweetest nuts in the whole of Samoa, an experience noted by the visitors as a memorable experience. Many of the sailors raved on about the friendliness of Samoa etc., and are now keen to come back again, very soon. They got many tips from the locals on etiquette, picking up sheilas from the bars… no make that, "what to look for" and "how not to get your constitution re-arranged by an irate samoan boyfriend" and how to spot the real girls from the wannabes….lol

The GM extended a warm armed force welcome to the group…was expecting all the guys to jump to attention there, but not so. Whilst the GM tried to get proceedings under way, so many of the older hash men were restless, rowdy and couldn't quite get their enthusiasm toned down as they all strutted like peacocks trying to help the GM…..phew!!!

The new boots saw some 14 or so sailors and others introduce themselves. Snake proceeded to shake hands with the former group and then stepped back in to the circle leaving the new meres wondering what was wrong with them….thanks to Lezzie who jumped in and gave each new mere a peck on the cheek with promises for more if….lol

Delicious was well dressed in Puletasi and brand spanking new boots. Delicious and a couple of the Manoora boys were made to drink out of their new boots. There were quite a few retreads, the scribe lost count.

SassygirlBJ was pulled up for her recent trip down under where she was nicknamed Paris Hilton…according to the GM, Paris is known only for being dumb blond, and her sexual escapades…. What has Sassy been up to, to earn the name. She was also given a down down for being ieresponsible and for pushing for a change of date for hash.

GM noted that Fang recently celebrated her ? birthday. Since meeting Fang some 10 or so years ago, she looked the same, was the same size and still the same age….according to the GM. Here is one mere who hasn't aged.

Kuini was asked to demonstrate her moves and the "BOD" for the visitors, to which she enthusiastically did as always.

The keg was afloat in no time with such a big turnout of thirsty and excited hashers that the Maliu Mai Restaurant folks were left wondering how their luck had turned as far as their sales was concerned. Thanks to Ring Ring for providing the venue and to Kiwi for settting the run.

At the conclusion of the awards, all the guests were invited to sample the local fare enthusiastically produced by the local hashers. Thanks everyone for making our guests feel right at home. No doubt they made the most of their stay and contributed to the vailima sales - let alone Lewinsky's Bar…..Malo Lewinsky!!!!

Next week's run will be from Underrated & Xrated's Home - with their co-Host Hoppy who has offered to shout the keg…. Well done Hoppy!!!

See you all there!!!


Late notes: Check-out the personal thank you message from the Commander of the HMAS Manoora in our Hash Guestbook. Also, some pictures of this Hash can be found in the Hash Photo Albums.

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  1. Hi. Wimpy from Hamersley Hash Perth. Staying at aggie grays hotel. Would like to run with your club monday night if possible? If you wouldn't mind contacting Donald Butler at the hotel or send us an email of details to Thanks.