Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Godfather Rallies Charity Shaving


Thank you to ACDC and all for the enjoyable Hash on Monday. It never ceases to impress me how such a small number can make 'quick shift' of a 50. Amazing!

I am in favor of a AHHH Donation towards 'The Shave Your Head' campaign for such a worthy cause. The amount should be 'what we can afford' from the coffers although if Mismanagement were to consider an amount in excess of what is available then I am sure many of us coming to the next Hash can 'bolster' the numbers to a meaningful level.

The 'side show' that Lezzie, ACDC, FBI, SOB and RC are promoting involving Mustang Sally and possibly other Meres could well be an INTERESTING way of bolstering Hash $ Numbers for such a good cause.

Remember that, the ol'man might be limping these days and partly blind in one eye but I can still lend a hand as a QUALITY CONTROLLER with the use of a Magnifying Glass!

Enjoy life while you have it, with good health of course from the Hash.



  1. Hi King Sally its me again just notice the shaving of head i will pledge another $20 if you shave whats on my hash mind.


  2. Hi All,

    There is a little bit more to go and Peter will also have his head shaved. For a worthy cause, may I suggest AHHH donate SAT100.00 into the fundraising drive and ensure the top man himself gets rid of his white locks. lol. This is for a worthy cause and goodness knows, some of us may need the help of SVSG some day. For others, probably sooner than they know.



  3. Morning,

    Hares, Mares & Asses

    Just one question Mustang Sally, how are the ANZ females going to participate in the fundraising. How about the males shave their heads and the ladies can get waxed then send all the photos to FBI (female body inspector) for verification. ACDC & Lezzie do not have the qualifications or inspectors certs so bad luck guys. Shafter & SOB have volunteered to do the waxing free of charge. Just an idea to increase your $$$$

    Mustang, you can collect my donation from our office tomorrow.

    On On,


  4. Just a point of clarification, FBI needs to view the evidence up close and in person…Photos can be misleading/manufactured especially if you know Photoshop and is good a graphics…More importantly, I need to see.

    Shafter and SOTB's waxing certifications before I can approve their trade…ACDC/Lezzie can help with registration paperwork and transportation…

    RC, you can be my Associate in analyzing and verifying the evidence….!!!!

    Rock On,

    FBI Center.

  5. Dear Hashmen

    The mares would be game if the asses….sorry hashmen also do likewise.

    Im sure Sassy and Delicious wouldn’t mind doing the honors of inspecting the boys? Otherwise, I am willing to volunteer my time to inspect for this worthy cause….


  6. Im sure it can work both ways..But as we hash men are such gentlemen, we'll have to say Ladies First!

  7. Fully support Godfather's nomination as Quality Controller. However, I must caution Godfather that he must ensure the latest virus protection is inherent in his magnifying glass as there could be deadly viral infections from the humans involved in the shaving/waxing side show. Proection is always better than Cure!

    Have a nice, relaxing day peeps:):)

    Best regards,

  8. FBI, Looks like you have just lost your job. You will have to return to being a Female Body Infection hahahaha

    Nice one Godfather, support AHHH donation.

    OnOn, RC.