Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hash Trash for 15 Sep 08

The hash run was in Vaivase and boy what a run (not that I ran) but the On Ons after the run was one to remember (although I don’t remember too much). Because of the poor turnout (apparently due to the rain) there were only a handful of hashers and a mighty big keg to drink. Needless to say, the down down count went through the roof. In saying that, congrats to all the hashers that made an effort to come last night, the keg was uma lava pisupo! The hosts put on quite a spread considering the numbers, but thanks again to our hosts for last nights run.

There were some interesting down downs lastnight, Kareoke got a couple for having weak knees after a week in Hawaii with the GM, she had to use Godfathers car as support all night…Kiwi had a few telephonis interuptus down downs as some random lady kept calling his number..scandal if you ask me..Delicious took a few for not being able to control her younger half while the GM was away. Skananavian aka skanky, copped her share of down downs for abandoning her fellow hash meres and coming home at some odd hour of the morning (she says she was at home, just not hers.he he he) we also had some of Mustangs cousins from Australia, obviously bitter about the loss to the AB’s, but boy could they drink. Impressive! Cisco had his share of down downs for being a retard..oops, I mean retread, and for a whole lot of other things that I cant remember (too much at HQ)

Every Hasher had their share of the nectar of life as there was so much to go around, and all those that were trying their best to hide and avoid it were singled out and handed a drink for their efforts…again, thanks to the Hosts and all the hashers that made an effort to turn up regardless of the weather. For all those who didn’t make it, its hash, we run whether its raining, blowing a gale or snowing..hopefully next week we’ll have a good turn out.

Sorry if I forgot to add anything else, my memory is on blank street after HQ last night.

On on!

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