Thursday, September 18, 2008

HMNZS Resolution In-Route!

Our friend Puff shares the following exciting news:

Hi Sassy Girl and Godfather,

Just to let you know that the good ship HMNZS Resolution our survey ship, is visiting your good port, hopefully you can invite the ships company to a hash run or two, they have a couple of visits.

The Hash contact on board is Chief Petty Officer Wayne "Flea" Freeman, Wayne is an old navy hasher from way back and would be pleased to get an invite to the hash.

Regards and thanks for a great Jazz/Hash weekend.




  1. This is a calling for Skananavian/Skanky/Skank, what ever your hash name has become. You should be prepared to host these poor sailors..he he he

  2. Dont worry....This has been discussed between Skankanavia and I and a few other hash marys and we are quite happy to represent our country in the gold medalist finals ...again, provided we we get enough beauty sleep before the ship anchors in the harbour.



  3. You know, this whole Hash Fundraising that has been going on could give you all extra merit points towards the gold the waxing begin..he he he...

    Hopefully there are some mere's on the boat that will come to hash so Female Body Infection can have some fun..


  4. Look out, it's HASH MERES GONE WILD 2!

    Mr. Whippy.

  5. I think I will bring my video camera this time, Look for it on DVD, Hash Meres Gone Wild 2..DVD's will be released on October 15th 2008. Movie premieres at Magik Cinemas 14th Oct 2008

  6. SOTB, remember that as Godfather said the entrants have to go through strict quality control first so in the case there is any rejects we will gladly pass them to you hahahaha

  7. RC,
    As you are older than me, I will let you have first dibs at the rejects, and you can hold on to them all you quite happy to just do the waxing.

  8. Hahahaha!!....SOTB i don’t think you'd be able to get any video evidence =P

  9. SOTB is a ninja in disguise..ha ha, haven't you seen kung fu panda! LOL