Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Hash Trash

Halloween Hash Trash- 27-10-08

The Halloween hash run turned out to be quite a night to remember. From the outrageous costumes to the numerous down downs, to the hash Monk turning up and even a naming ceremony. This run had it all!

Pussy snapper obviously set out early to set the run, and just the thought of him setting the run must have turned away our usual runners. It was an abysmal turnout of runners. From memory, and I’m trying very hard to remember what happened last night, only 5 runners completed the run!
It was a good run with a mix of road, dirt, bush, and mountains…Some hashers found it tough treading through the jungle as God Father tried to live up to his Halloween character which was a ghost and took a heavy spill heading downhill through the jungle. I think he was trying to fly down and take a short cut.

There were some interesting characters at the Halloween has run, from Robin Hood, and his Princess, to Pirates, army men, fairy’s, hares, and even a sailor! (skananavian, living up to her hash name) and Zoro and his fair lady were present too…

The GM had his share of fun punishing the hashers with Down Downs. Tony Blair took one for trying to make the GM look silly in his costume by offering him a light saber as his sword..Ive never seen Zorro with a light Saber..and it makes me wonder why TB has a light saber to start with.
SOTB and Poumuli copped a down down each for wearing a “uniform” rather than a costume…as did those that did not wear any costumes. BB got a down down for lying to the GM, saying she did the run with Godfather when she was never seen on the run to start with..sneaky sneaky..
TB got another down down for false information..
At the end of the awards, the Hash Judges for the best dressed came with their results. First was Tony Blair and Selena, (Robin hood and his Princess) second was Zorro and his fair lady, and Third was BB, dressed as Cat Woman (Like Halle Berry, except with out the “Berry”..nice call AC/DC)

The Hash Monk also made a brief appearance where COT’s new half helped co-host the run. He was given a very appropriate hash name, considering he is a sea man, loves the ocean, loves sea creatures, and from what the Hash Monk was told, there was some fun over the weekend…He was therefore named kui kui..which for those of you who don’t know what it is…it’s a sea urchin, and when you translate that into English, it means pokey pokey..apparently something else that he likes…

There was a great spread put on for the hash mob, so big thanks to Crown of Thorns, Kui Kui, and new flat mate Alex for a great Halloween Run. For those of you that did not turn up or did not wear a costume, you have next weeks run to redeem yourselves by wearing a nice big Melbourne Cup Day run HAT!..those that do not will feel the wrath of the GM…
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