Thursday, October 09, 2008

Resolution Arrives in NOV / Will Miss Monday Runs

It appears that the Resolution will miss the Monday Hash Runs on her trip to Samoa next month. She's scheduled for two Thu - Sun stays in Apia: Nov 6-9 and Nov 20-23. Here's the update we received from Flea on the HMNZS Resolution:

Hi, Sorry about the delay, the ship has been having trouble with her Email system. We will be in Apia Nov 6-9th and again 20-23rd. As yet I am not sure what commitments the ship requires of us. As far as I know I am the only hasher onboard, but have asked for an expression of interest to see who may come out of the woodwork as a potential newbee. Flea.

'Given the response to the initial announcement, am sure Mismanagement and the Hash Meres will look for ways to hook-up with the crew. We will keep you posted.

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