Friday, November 13, 2009

Hash Trash- Run 1491

Hash trash 1491

The Scribe is back from a long deportation abroad. He was too jet-lagged to go on the run, but from all accounts it was an enjoyable one.

So on to the circle. Strangler was GM, and found no newbies in the circle. Many rethreads – Poumuli, Kiwi, Ray Charles, Brian. New boots were checked by Mad Hatter but none were found – the customary down down for the boot checker was somewhat not rewarded. Meanwhile a local dog had found a discarded beer mug and did her own down down.

The GM awarded Chilindria with the Crash Award, something to do with a car and “an idiot”. After completing her award she spilled Godfather’s beer, but again unrewarded. Birthday awards were given to Lesbian Vampire Killer who was joined by Delicious in a very close race.

The GM, spotting two closely dressed hash meres awarded the Twins Award to Delicious and Soleless, who while claiming to promoting safe sex were only doing so for New Zealand. Watch out sheep.

Opening the deliberations to the floor, SOTB quickly nominated Dawn Raid for hitting on another Hashers girlfriend. To his defence he mumbled that he to this day has not been able to ascertain what her name is.

Sassygirl nominated Larry for not only writing to the Editor, but for also getting a furious response from the SWA CEO. Larry demanded, and got, Bits and Pieces and Tony Blair to join him. Sassygirl continued with a Bribery Award for Larry and Mandy over some paper issue, not quite clear.

The GM announced that since a certain Hasher was leaving Samoa he should get a Safe Sex Award with Delicious and Soleless – step down Brian. The GM also noted that a hash meres absence from previous hashe, and something about thunderous activities. Anyway, Screamer had no comment.

Swinger nominated BB for the Geographically Challenged Award over the direction of the trail. Poumuli nominated Larry and SOTB for the Empty Threat Award over their comments on the blog.

Living up to ones hash name is a prestigious award, but as the GM noted Soleless had actually been legless at the last hash to the point of needing to be hosed down. Larry who has moved in next to SPREP nominated Poumuli for the Cruelty To Animals Award for chucking stones at some charging dogs. Won’t happen again. Next time – Taser!

Lewinsky received a Pollution Award for “watering” the hosts plants, and thus poisoning the host. The circle was not done with Larry as Eveready got him the Machete in Own Leg Award. Sassygirl and Tammy had attended a yoga class, after which Zsa Zsa had made a completely ballsed up comment about a yoga position that cannot be repeated. SOTB followed with a question about who dresses Tony Blair and a Leaning Award for Brian. Child Abuse Awards was given to Karaoke for burning Delicious forehead. Eveready and Karaoke deflected a Special Hostfulness Award by getting the circle to toast the memory of Shafter.

Finally, the host and the hare were profusely thanked before we descended on the great spread of food.

Next week’s Hash will be at Larry and Mandy’s house up in Vailima next to the SPREP compound.

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