Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Hash Trash 1541

(Ed note - many thanks - I think - to Do Me Twice for attempting to scribe last week, given the state of despair over the boat and subsequent inebriation! What follows has been edited with a more sober brush, but many thanks again to our Assistant Trainee Scribe v.2, who should enroll in Spanky's remedial English class for 4th Grade.)

The Hash was hosted by Jay and Tasi at Why Not Bar in the new area they have just finished to the side of the bar which is awesome!

Eveready was the GM for the occasion. He first asked who was the scribe and of course that was Do Me Twice who went to give Ben the paper and a pen but of course was not prepared and had neither, so first down down went to DMT for not having pen and paper. At the same time Brynne was trying to stick up for her fellow Hash Mere, but as she was equally inebriated as DMT and called her something like Meow, Brynne also had to join.

The newbies where Peter from Italy who is working for the UN here for 6 months, and Marcus from NZ here for 2 weeks on holiday and was here 40 years ago and said a lot has changed...(Ed note – should have been a down down for stating the blindingly obvious!)

The retreads where Sassygirl BJ who had been overseas and working, and Jay (sorry no reason was written DMT sure as hell can’t remember what he said).
Susan was then spotted by the GM sitting and she said she was keeping Lynda company as she was unable to walk due to a scooter accident she had last week. A vote was taken and Susan took the Seated Hasher Award whilst looking at DMT with a death stare. Brynne was then caught leaning, and Jay was spotted earlier in new shoes but he went and changed them. Cockblocker was the observant informant and Jay had to take the down down.

Brynne, Titty Galore, Susan and DMT all got a down down for not doing the run and choosing the Melbourne cup lunch over Hash, but took it like champs, but by this time DMT and Brynne where almost falling over. Then Brynne gets another for being the best dressed, by this needing help from DMT to finish it. Dawn Raid was caught leaning. Hot Nuts got Halloween Festivities Absentee Award, for missing the party at the Yacht club and doing something lame... stayed home and watched a dvd? BORING!
Titty G launched into a long winded FBI-like story that had its inevitable ending in a self-inflicted down down, again assisted by DMT.

Snatch and Godfather got the Celebrity Award, but Snatch was not present so the closest relative was deemed to be Swinger. Natasha was given props for the weight loss she has accomplished, looking mighty fine, and a down down to congratulate her. The GM was very upset that at Poumuli and Wahoo’s wedding there was no diet coke, but as they were currently on your honeymoon Dawn Raid took it on their behalf.

(Ed note – at this stage the narration suffers from severe booze overdose, but it was possible to make out from the rambling that Rebecca and Angela got a Spud Manipulation Award, Ben’s attempt at giving Lynda a Clumsy Award for falling off the scooter backfired as he was the cause of the fall, Rebecca missed picking up her family at the airport, Lewinsky and Hot Nuts for having a private circle to discuss fishing, CB got Susan the Missing Husband Award – apparently lost him during the Halloween Party, then something about the Italians for bringing a Tight Ass to Hash. There was further confusion over the Chicken Award, but it apparently went to DMT. Finally Brynne did a Self-inflicted Backfire Award, and Carin for being too good a runner.)

CB and Jay where given down downs for Host and Hare.

On On

Do Me Twice

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