Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hash Trash 1544

(Ed note – Hola Hashers from Cancun - one assumes from the late arrival of the Hash Trash that the Assistant Trainee Scribe is either too busy or has been influenced by Do Me Twice and is also in need of Ms Spanky’s remedial English course. Anyway, here it is with a few edits.)

Hash 1544 was hosted by Brynne and Susan at Susan’s place in Vaoala. Quite a pack of hashers turned up in assorted red dress and Assistant Trainee Scribe wonders if the larger turnout might be partially due to the word on the grapevine that sushi was to be served along with other delightful morsels prepared by birthday girl Brynne.

The run took the pack up the hill to Le Spa’s turnoff, through a grassy patch onto Bank Street and then through a familiar trail down the river bank and up along a rocky path and then back up to Susan’s on the main road. The tireless Hare Ring Ring had managed to install some good false trails that kept the more fit on their toes.

Back at Susan’s it had started to rain by the time the last of the pack trailed in. Luckily, the big house offered ample space for all to move in and the circle was held inside the house with Eveready as GM.

There was only one new to hash - Karl from NZ brought by Rebecca.

New to Apia hash was Kath, who had a hash name that Assistant Trainee Scribe couldn’t hear (the house was noisy).

There were several rethreads too numerous to bother with but among them were Pro Boner, Snatch, David, Spanky, Swinger, Zsa Zsa, AJ, Marion, Snake and Skunk. Other than Spanky who claimed to have been busy entertaining the US Coast Guard, no one had any interesting excuse. They all drank.

There were no new boots although Wahoo’s shiny shoes again raised interest. (She drank from them two weeks ago!)

Screamer had failed to print out Poumuli’s carefully constructed list of celebrities and such but she did recall that Poumuli and David Sheppard had been in the paper for something on climate change. Wahoo and Screamer (who wanted everyone to note her sporting behaviour) drank on their respective behalves.

A long story then ensued as GM tried to convince everyone that Snatch was pregnant after a week in New York (how could that be sans Pussysnatcher?). No-one fully understood this but Snatch drank anyway.

Angela was then brought up by GM for apparently wearing a “german” dress that was made in China. She impressed with her German drinking skills.

The floor was opened for nominations and Lewinsky immediately nominated SOTB for catching the biggest fish of the season. Screamer was concerned it was endangered but this was soundly ignored.

Brynne drank for choosing a RED dress run when hosting at a SamoaTel home.

Pussysnatcher, Slippery and Captain Marc received best dress awards in that order - PS sported a “nothing-is-secret” slip dress, Slippery flitted in the perfect missionary dress and Marc floated in an elegant wrap complete with gardenia behind the ear.

Slippery then handed appropriately messaged T-shirts to assorted people “chief gardener”, “Samurai Spirit”, “Gemini Sass” and a “Hawaii” shirt. No prizes for guessing who got what. (Sorry, can only guess a few of them – will await the photos)

Slippery then drank for advertising Big Bear’s half price sale.

Birthday Girl Brynne was then given a Kamikaze Chef Award for rolling sushi in 35 foot waves on a boat (why would you, one might ask…but that’s our Brynne).

Tasha and Jade had been holding up the house for quite some time so GM invited them into the circle.

This was Psychadelic’s last hash before she departs for Perth so she drank and also thanked hash for making her stay in Samoa special.

Cockblocker had missed an appointment with the bone specialist but Lyndal had to join him for breaking doctor-patient confidentiality.

A discussion on avocados resulted in GM having to take a drink. Assistant Trainee Scribe really couldn’t hear very well but it seems he’s been hanging around Ring Ring’s avocados.

Snatch nominated Brazilian Wax and Angela for the High School Sweetheart award.

Lewinsky had been driving drunk again – to the point that he couldn’t remember doing it (he did safely deliver SOTB home though). Assistant Trainee Scribe again wonders at the positive reinforcement impacts here but knows she should simply hold her tongue.

Ring Ring, the most amazing hare, was thanked along with Hosts Susan and Brynne.

The birthday song was sung for Brynne and Pussysnatcher and the farewell song for Psychadelic.

The beautiful food was then consumed by the shovel-full.

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