Friday, November 11, 2011

Hash Trash 1595

Yea, verily much has been written in the annals of Hash History, yet seldom has the vagaries of the GM, high priest of the flock, been as convoluted as this week. As the Hashers gathered in groups of twos and threes, in the Pit that is called Snake’s, in the Vale of Saleufi, or Place of the Giant Dogs, confusion reigned as the dutiful found no respite from the silent GM. Though upon the entrance of the man called Swinger, son of the renowned healers of Siusega, the GM called forth that the run required a virgin hare to be sacrificed, and that the run would have a living hare leading the followers. Amongst the gathered there was much muttering, as the man called Swinger was deemed as far removed from virginhood as the Lake of Lanoto is from the Ridge of Tuasivi. Reflecting upon the implications of this sacrifice, there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth, as none would wish to see the hare in its natural and unwholesome state, that is de-bagged and bare-arsed. The hashers went on bended knee afore the GM, and in high voices lamented their fate, and begged, even unto the lives of all their loved ones, to be spared this ultimate agony. Having conspired as to how he might smite them later, the GM spake thus “go, run into the land of Apia, through the alleyways and the middens, and pursue thoust the hare, who is live, but thou shallt not remove from the hare the garments that are called under.” And they did as they were bidden, and the man Swinger girded up his loins and set forth through the Gates of Venom and Snakebite, and it came to pass as it had been foretold by the GM. For this was a long pursuit, through the alleys of Saleufi, into the shadow of Togafuafua, until the hare that is live found a midden strewn path through the dwellings of the Aai o Niue, that lies by the banks of the river that is called Vaisigano, or bringer-of-sewer-to-the-ocean. The hashers returned to that Pit that is called Snake’s, conspiring and eagerly seeking out the child of Sassy, so they might slay him, verily into a stupor, with the mighty cups that are called Down and Down.

OK, enough blasphemy from your Scribe. The GM – SOTB of the Sass, called the Hash Circle to order an asked who might be new to Apia Hash. There was Ted from Oz, who could not name one Hasher that had brought him, so he was given a large one and certainly drank it like an Oz. The rethreads were Skunk, Horny Ho, Nicole and Crash Bandicoot.

Celebrity Awards went to Mike (wife in paper), Godfather (taken by Swinger), 9’er (kangaroo attacks in Oz), Strangler (was in paper, Rohan was a look alike) and Ali (for the Ali bin Shagger Laundromat photo).

This day in history went to Kat (1999 Oz votes to keep Queen as Head of State – Need Nanny Award), Sassy and Crime (1918 Spanish Flu kills 20% of Samoa) and SOTB (for being in a historic dive record book). Latecummers Pro Bona, Dumass and Sula were given their just rewards.

Opening up for nominations, Ali congratulated someone called J for the care and concern shown during the hosting of the paddling regatta, so Ali was joined by SOTB, Anita, Horny Ho, 9’er, Mike and Crime as well as the lauded Dumass. Sassygirl BJ nominated Ben for the Good Father Award for running with Lucas on his shoulders (he’s done that before, so we may need to find a better term).

Kat fabricated a story about how a certain hasher had been so keen on a soccer game that he had turned up a day early, so Confused By Time Zones Award to Poumuli. Our Japanese couple Ida and Kyoko had been picking some nice flowers and made a bouquet, so Sassy nominated them for the Newlyweds But Lost in Translation Award.

The GM noted that yet again we were sans the normal hash mugs, to which Crash tried to pass the buck to Sassy. This did not work for obvious reasons, so Crash took the Down Down. Sassy was on a roll as usual and thanked Snake for his impromptu hosting, while Poumuli got a false accusation award for intimating that Snake had something to do with the low beer levels in the keg. Nevertheless, the GM found someone that actually works for Vailima to take a Punishment Award – Delicious handed this over to Crash.

Sassy had noticed that while Snake is an electrician, he needed someone to set off to get him Cash Power to enable the opening of the gates. Trying to silence his mother, the GM recalled how a hasher had complained of a backache, and been assured that this could be fixed by Ali, had gone upstairs at Ynot for a LONG time, and looking blank and bewildered upon his return. Dodgy Digging Award to Ali and Dumass.

Your Scribe was not on his best behaviour so he tried to assist the shutting up of Sassy with an award for hiding the money for the 1600th shirts. This backfired tremendously. Swinger added that Crime was not living up to his name, so he joined in. A Leaning Award went to Ben, who wasn’t even paying attention as he was playing on his phone with Lucas, so this became a large one. Since there was a poumuli coming out of the fence, Dumass tried to make this lean, but it didn’t work.
Poumuli tried to get a Density Award for Witch Doctor for not finding Nemo, but she countered with a Needing to be Dragged by Dive Instructor Award. A cellphonus interruptus award went to Nicole, while Poumuli accused Mike of negligence for not debagging Swinger when he had the chance. Ali thought that your Scribe had messed up, so joined the trio.

Finally, Sassy nominated Skunk for the Flagrant Enthusiasm Award for getting all excited about setting the run, then skiving off. The hosts and the hare, Snake, Skunk, Horny Ho (for getting the pizzas) and Swinger were saluted.

Check the blog for details of next week’s run, but it will be hosted by Ring Ring in Alafua, and will be a BYO meat for the BBQ.

On On
Poumuli, IKA Slit

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