Thursday, April 05, 2012

Easter Hash Run

Good Morning All,

This Monday's Easter run will be out at Aqua Samoa at Aggie Grey's Beach Resort in Mulifanua (just past the airport) The run will start at 12 noon followed by our usual untidiness. You can swim in the ocean before, during or after the run so bring a change of clothes.

The hosts will be providing some food but have also asked if we can all bring a little something to throw on the BBQ. Don't be shy and turn up with 2 or 3 sausages or something like that :) Bring something we can all partake in.

We will have a keg there and hopefully some sweet nuts from Godfather along with the softies.

No map posted as you should all know how to get there...

Best is if we can all try and car pool to make it easier and safer for everyone..

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  1. Hi,
    As we will be having most of it on the lawn near the beach there will be limited chairs so perhaps beach towels or blankets to sit on might be an idea,
    See you all Monday