Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hash Run 1616 - Hookerlure & GM SOTB are co-hosting at Vaoala!!!

Talofa lava you wonderful vibrant hashmen and hash meres!!!

Just stopping by with some more info for next Monday's run up at Vaoala. Map to come from GM!

  • This is a BYO - BRING YOUR OWN (for those who are not familiar with the acronym) and refers to food stuff like meats, a salad, a loaf of bread...just don't all turn up with a loaf of bread each, unless you prefer bbq bread! So if you enjoy a bit of kaikai, then bring it along to share!
  • The Theme is "NATURE LOVERS RUN" - wear some leaves, a leaf, or if you are allergic to leaves then wear some clothing that has images of leaves and animals!
  • Hash Run is SAT15/person, free for children up to 10 years, above 10-15yrs: SAT10@ and above that, well i guess you are on SAT15!
  • Bring change in case it rains!
  • If it rains, please keep off the lawn!!!


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