Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hash Cash & 1700th Run & Xmas Run Celebration

Talofa lava Hashers

Your mismanagement would like to bring a couple of items to your attention.

1.       We have been taking a bit of a hit on our bank account thanks to the increase in the cost of a 50 liter keg plus the CO2.  In the past the kegs used to be around 160 tala and then progressed to $200+ and now it is over $300/keg plus another $20/CO2

In all this time, we had continued to charge $15/person. We regret to advise that as from the first week of October 2013, we will be charging $20/person. If you went to the pub, that would normally get you 4 beers where-as at hash, you get far more for that 20 tala. Keeping in mind that $5 of the 20 collected is put aside for the purpose of getting shirts done. We trust that you will agree that the increase is justifiable and well over-due.

2.       Our recent run of 1690 means we are 9 more runs to our big 1700 Run. As usual this is a big event for Apia Hash. 18th November will be the 1700th day of AHHH. However a couple of weeks away is our XMAS Run so to save us time and money, your Mismanagement is suggesting we push back the 1700th celebrations to co-incide with the Xmas Run. Swinger has advised us that this also co-incides with the 75th year of Hash being run globally. This means we could do a Trifecta in one go.

We welcome your thoughts on the Xmas Run/1700th Run/75th Anniversary of Global Hash. All ideas will be given due consideration within reason and budgetary constraints by your Mismanagement who will then revert back shortly thereafter. Please submit ideas etc., no later than Mid October, by emailing apiahashhouse@gmail.com or nynette.sass@gmail.com

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