Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hash Run 1692 - Alcatraz, Sina and GM @ Ululoloa

Good Afternoon All,

Next week's run is being hosted by Alcatraz, Sina and the GM up at Sina's place in Ululoloa. The hosts will be putting on the spread for the hash run so all you will need is your hash cash and a change of clothes :)

The house is located in Ululoloa. Go up Papaseea Rd and when you go past the bridge, it will be the first main road on the left hand side just past the Craigs compound. You will need to go up past Samoa Tradition Resort and turn right at the intersection. Look out for the 2 yellow houses in the compound. There is also a "Hideaway Retreat" sign at the entrance to the property.

We will have our sweet nuts, nectar of life and our softies. Please make sure you bring a change of clothes, the weather is all over the place at the moment so there is a chance you may get wet.

We also have the Monk who will be visiting our shores on Monday to do some namings!

See you all there for a 5:30pm start

On On.....Map below for Directions. Call the GM if you get lost on 7600800

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