Thursday, March 06, 2014

Hash Trash 1715

The Hash was hosted by Dan at the Ford compound in Vaitele. The runners went off in search of the trail which apparently took them on a wide ranging tour of the quotidian back streets of Vaitele. It was also a first in that the host neither set the run nor ran.  Clearly the heat of the day had gotten to him, poor fellow. To the point that he had to bring some of his hotel staff to help with the arrangements.  The runners though were sweaty enough upon their return to the compound to at least have prepared themselves for a lot of golden nectar, after having first gorged on Godfather’s trusty nut supply.

The GM Julia Gillard called the circle to order – this time we were in the tent out back so the acoustics were better, and we were not in sight of the various clocks he has in the office that do not work at all, so your Scribe forgot that award. First up were some visitors to Hash – Kelvin and Megan, Steve and Janis. For giving good instructions Manwhore and Full Moon got a down down. Overstayer got a double for some infraction, while late entry Emily was also introduced to the circle.

Witch Doctor was appointed shoe inspector, and after some hesitation found that Titty Galore and Proboner had violated the rule. Retreads were Crown of Thorns who is working overseas and Transporter who has been on his knees. 

The GM then turned to our host for his unorthodox approach, which normally prescribes setting the run or going on the run, and he did neither. Not only that he didn’t carry any chairs out to the tent but had his staff do it. A Donald Trump Award doubled for Dan. The GM was also concerned that there had been no Hash Trash to read this week, so Assistant Trainee Scribe Overstayer got the Failure Award.

It was also clear that someone had been trying to out-box Dan. Lewinsky apparently on a health inspection had hit him, so a Tuaman Award to Lewinsky. Then Transporter as we know had not been at Hash last week due to preparing to woo Lowrider, yet he had been at YNot on Tuesday with the GM. In the end the GM joined in this award, double for Transporter.

Celebrity Award went to Sassygirl BJ for being in the paper. This Day in History awards went to Sassy (363 Roman Empire attacks the Sassanid Empire), Witch Doctor (1628 Salem Witch Trials), Lewinsky (1805 Samuel Chase is acquitted at impeachment trial – viz Clinton) and Full Moon (1921 first whitewash at the Ashes for Australia).

Dan nominated the visitors, Overstayer for leaving joined by Crime. Sassy nominated Rufie, Blowfish, POD and Manwhore for their Iron Man efforts, and Godfather for doing an awesome job putting tourism people in their place.

Overstayer has never been able to go quietly into the night after so many down downs, and tonight was not any different. Her attempt to explain the setting of the run with Full Moon descended into full confusion. POD rescued the situation by nominating the Blues fans Transporter, COT and Wahoo (was added for family connection). Sassy nominated the GM for a Promotion Award for having a car drive up with no lights.

Your Scribe lost the plot a bit after this (thanks jet lag), but there was a whole section of page referring to Dan sucking his testicles up into his stomach, COT accusing Manwhore of bad instructions to visitors, and something about Overstayer not staying up.

We saluted the host and the hare and sang the Hash Anthem for the leavers. Food was great. Cant remember if next week’s venue was announced so watch the blog.

On On
Poumuli, IKA Slit

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