Friday, August 07, 2015

Fathers Day Hash- Monday 10th August- Poutasi

Fathers Day Hash will be held at Godfather and TTG's place in Poutasi. You are welcome to turn up from 12pm onwards. The run will start at 3pm. The hosts will put on an umu and everyone else is encouranged to bring snacks or desserts.

Directions- Go over cross island road. Turn left when you get to Siumu on the other side. After driving for approx. 11km you will come to the village of Poutasi. Turn right onto the road just after the Poutasi sign and across the road from the shop. Turn left after the hospital. Godfather and TTG's place is the only one on the ocean side of the road. If you get lost, ask for Tuatagaloa's house, not Godfather as no-one will know who you are talking about!

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