Tuesday, November 10, 2015

1800th RUN - 16th November 2016 .... Finally!

Talofa lava merry hashers

Next week we will finally host the 1800th Run by the Apia Hash House Harriers!

It really is that long ago since Hash was introduced to Samoa in 1980, by a young and new hasher, Joe Annandale and two other Kiwi friends.

Uncle Tupua Fred Wetzell and his family have again offered up their beautiful seaside location for our big one!!

T-shirst are currently being sorted out so please refer to the email circulated and add your name and preferred shirt type/colour and size. All shirts are SAT30.00 @.

It is also rumored that the Monk will be in the house to do some namings so beware!

For catering purposes, you are kindly asked to confirm participation so we can make sure there is plenty of kaikai to share!

We know there are several old time hashers who usually join us during the big occasions so please let us know if you will be joining us! We hope you do!

More information will be shared via our emails and facebook page. If you are anti-social :) and do not have a facebook page nor a working email, then send us a smoke signal to nynette.sass@gmail.com  or ariane_vaai@hotmail.com 


Mismanagement Extraordinaire !

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