Friday, January 26, 2007

Last Run for the Dane - 29th Jan 2007

Hi All
Haagar has asked to send out an invite to all and sunder in the AHHH to a farewell soiree at his place tomorrow, Saturday 27th Jan. Being a batchelor he has asked that you ensure you feed yourself prior to cumming up to the party. Bring your favourite poison if u do not like beer.
Dress ready for some serious action...leave it up to your imagination....feathers are allowed, but not from the poor pheasants pls. Haagar will be leaving our shores on the 4th of February. This was definitely a short cumming.
Run on 29th will be from Haagar's place, (opposite the SPREP compound) if he hasn't been kicked out of the house by his landlord then. Rev. Flaming Sword and Oink will be helping him with the food. Any volunteers to help set the run pls to give Kiwi a rest. Buzz me on 757 4250.

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