Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Upcoming Runs: 1344 & 1345

Run 1344 - 15th Jan 2007 - Will be hosted by Jason Ward, who has never been to a hash in the whole time he's been in Samoa. House No. 3 Taumesina Compound.... a stone's throw away from Lewinsky and PODs place. Here is another venue with water so bring change if you intend to swim.
Run 1345 - 22th Jan 2007 - Eveready & Karaeoke have booked this for another run....excellent food...to welcome Luana's beau from Aotearoa. Lets hope he can handle the heat and the madness. Venue will be confirmed in due course.
If you would like to host a run, pls contact Sassygirl at sassygirl@samoa.ws Flo at tauasili@samoa.ws for more information. And remember, you do not get named until you have hosted a run.

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