Friday, January 19, 2007

Run 1345 - Luana, Eveready & Karaeoke

Well folks
sorry for the delay in blogging last Monday's Run from Pornos home at Taumesina. Bit too much work but will try to give a detailed one over the weekend.
Many thanks to Jason Ward, now renamed by AHHH as Pornos, (will think about whether to blog the reason for the name later on??? lol) for hosting the intrepid mob on his last Monday in Samoa. Here is wishing you all the very best in your new job and you sure will be missed by a lot of the hashers who have become part of your family. Good luck and we look forward to seeing you again soon.
Next Monday's Run 1345 on 22nd January 2007 will be hosted by Luana, Eveready & Karaeoke from Bev Levy's home at Aleisa. Take the Aleisa Road and the Levy's home is directly opposite the first Mormon Church you come to. If you end up on the Lefaga cross island road, then you have gone too bloody far. Call sassygirlBJ on 757 4250 for directions. Will try to post a map soon.
Run 1346 on the 29th January will be hosted by the Great Dane "Haagar" assisted by Oink and goodness knows who else from the Viking's home opposite SPREP-Vailima.
On the 2nd of Feb, Friday is a Full Moon Party hosted by Shafter, Flo and Jay at headquarters No. 2. For the uninitiated, that is Tiafau Fale, next to Hotel Millenia. Bring drinks and there might be a sponsored keg.

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