Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Run 1343 - Tony Blair and Selena @ Ululoloa

Talofa all meres and hares
What a hash run and after-party yesterday's run was!!!! No doubt the panadol sales went up trememdously today as the crazy ones nursed their hangovers thanks to "Selena" and her jugs of Chivas Regal....ummm...
The pack set off close to 6pm with several falsies put in for good measure. As Godfather was overheard to say, it pays to procrastinate some times ..... this, while watching the lead pack slide down the mountain side on the other side of the river. The meres at the rear could only stand, stare at the steep climb and say "O my God....bugger this, were going to head back..."
Godfather headed off to pick up the trail, and after a long slog the lead group crossed the damn dam only to discover a cross. Sassygirl who is afraid of heights picked up the trail further down only to find another cross. After a long "on back", the trail took up a hillside or was it a damn mountain side....suitable for goats and other similarly 4 legged animals. This was definitely not made for elderly smoking and drinking hashmen and hash meres. The second group led by Gordon Flash in his Samoan running shoes (flip flops) stuggled valiantly up, cussing and carrying on. Poor Godfather came to Marion and Wildchild Kimmy's rescue and relieved them of their water bottles so they could use both hands to climb and crawl. Sometimes it doesn't pay to carry water either. Poor Flo finally made it to the top, huffing and puffing, took a much needed rest on a log. Whilst Flo was hyperventilating the log decided to depart from the rest of its self and sent Flo down the slope on her backside...thank goodness it wasn't so rocky and there were no stray sticks or stumps in the way, well, except for some hash barbed-wire, which Flash Gordon stood on and the damn barb went straight through his samoan safety boot.
Welcome to the New Hashers as well as the Retreads especially the Retread from 20 years ago from Western Australia and her hubby who are on island visiting family.
Several awards were given later on with poor Lewinsky getting more than his fair share... one for his epic 6 or was it 7 hour swim, training for the marathon swim in the upcoming South Pacific Games... unfortunately, there is no such event! Second, for not listening to perfectly sound advise and going out fishing anyway in bad weather, subsequently losing his boat and having to swim home... and finally for being an idiot and putting his mates lives in jeopardy by taking them fishing with only two life jackets and an esky for floatation...
Flo impressed everyone with her "down down" style....put all the hares to shame as well.
After all the awards Ludo, Carmen and the young Prinz's were named. Ludo who is thinking of pursuing a political career in Europe and for looking uncannily like the British PM was named "Tony Blair". Carmen the fiery dancing Bolivian - South American Beauty - was named "Selena" after the late singer. The two beauties from the Land of Dikes and Windmills were therefore named "Tulip" and "Snow-drop". Impressive how the newly named quartet did not rush off to find water and rinse off. This was later done in the pool which had attracted all the young guns including SassgirlBJ & Karaeoke of course, the youngest of the lot...LOL.
Others made their way of their own accord in to the pool whilst others were carried and thrown in. Poor Princess of Darkness (POD), Wildchild and Flo were all chucked in rather unceremoniously.
Needless to say the groovy and sexy latin music, warm pool, jugs of beer and chivas being served made everyone forget the time. The police also put in an appearance at around midnight for good measure. Finally it was all done and the last lot left after midnight in high spirits as well as full of it.
Happy Birthday to Kiwi who turned 21 again yesterday and looking like 60...LOL... as well as having made his 1000th Run. GM handed over his shirt for this fantastic achievement. Kiwi had also advised that the keg was on him...yippee!
This run has set a very high benchmark of hash runs so maybe we should just have a run from Tony and Selenas every month..LOL
Thanks very much guys for a fantastic evening.


  1. Heej Guys!!
    Well I sure had a GREAT time!!The run was pretty exhausting, but well made by kiwi!! So was the food i've heard. I acually didn't eat, couse I had such a great time in the pool with my sis and the boys!!
    Anyway the hash was a blast, and I hope all of you enjoyd it!!
    I'm comming back too Samoa as soon as possible, so don't forget me!!
    Lots of Love,

  2. hi Tulip and Snowdrop
    It was fantastic meeting you guys and looking forward to seeing you again in Samoa with the crazy hashers.
    stay well for now
    on on