Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Hash Run 1461 - Easter Run @ Sinalei

Morning All,

Next Weeks Easter Hash Run will be down at the Sinalei Reef Resort.

The run will start at 2pm, and the hashers should start to gather there around 12noon. There will be a special parking area assigned for the hashers which will be pointed out to you when you arrive.

Please remember that Sinalei has a no child policy, so keep all children down on the beach and away from the resort. Seeing as we are starting from the beach, its advisable to bring a spare set of clothes and your swimmers as no doubt the hare will make the most of the surrounding environment out there...see you all there!

On On


  1. am i the only one thats wondering whats happened to our scribe?????

  2. scribe is on scribe will be apointed..hopefully one that can stay sober-ish and remember what happened at hash...

  3. I disagree, drunk scribes are better. Their memories are far more colorful :) On On, Mr. Whippy.

  4. Maybe someone can bring a dictaphone or similar to record all the thats a big word!!!...LOL.. so the scribe can sober up to the job when ever...Looking forward to the Sinalei trot..onon... SassygirlBJ