Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hash Trash - Run 1461

Well Godfather sure knows how to set a hash run for the ages. Imploring us at the start to take advantage of the Easter Weekend for the forgiveness of our sins, we set out on a trail that produces wide-ranging expressions of profanities. That is until near-heatstroke set in for most of the pack. The trail led along the Sinalei beach to the East, before branching in onto the road - false trail. Then off we tramped through endless steaming plantations. Up and up we went, and a seemingly gentle rise soon slowed down the pack as we realized that this is never going to end! Eventually the path turned West and the trail headed down the slope, and eventually the tired hashers descended on Godfather's sweet nuts and the keg.

In the hash circle there were a large number of newcomers, an international crowd from Hungary, Mexico, Bolivia and Germany. There were also many re-threads who were suitably awarded. Child Endangerment Award went to Godfather and Lewinsky and POD, for managing to lock Happy Feet inside the car with a dog. A further endangerment award came later, due to a projectile vomiting incident on the Savaii ferry that forced COT to take control of Lewinsky's vehicle and drive Happy Feet ashore. Lewinsky should have gotten a double due to his self-exalted fisherman skills. SOTB had new shoes and bravely drank from them, given the size of his blisters from the run. He also got a Furniture Overstayer Award for using Poumuli's garage for the last 5 months. The Germans and the Hungarian were repeatedly challenged to show us how to do a down-down. Nevertheless, Samoan hashers - mainly Kiwi - had the greater speed. BB got awarded for having sexy knees. Wahoo was awarded for something. The Scribe was drunk and his assistant was later reclining dead asleep on a beach chair.

On On,



  1. A certain Hasher comes home drunk, stumbles into the kitchen and prepares himself a cup of tea. He then proceeds to carry it to the bedroom.
    As he lies down next to his wife, holding the tea cup he slurs: "Do lemons have little yellow feet?"
    The wife looks at him: "No!"
    "Damn!" he says, "then I squeezed the canary into my tea."

  2. BTW - photos from Hash 1461 are now up in the photo album section