Friday, October 07, 2011

White Sunday Hash Run - Matareva Beach

Next weeks run will be a BYO Run at Matareva Beach on the south coast...We aren't 100% sure if the beach is open, but we will head there for the run and if it is, then we will have it there, if not, then we will move to Tafatafa beach (backup)

Run starts at 2pm, so try and be there around lunch time to 1pm to give you sufficient time to head to Tafatafa if we have to. There will be beers there (no keg but crates) but if you want to party hard, then bring your extra beers/drinks. We will have the hash BBQ there so bring something to throw on the BBQ unless you have something else pre-prepared that you wish to bring.

Also, if anyone wants to set the run, please let me know as we're looking for a hare.

Map is below for directions

On On

If there are changes or you are lost, call SOTB on 7500767

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