Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Hash Trash Run 1590

When HASH is hosted at Y Not Bar in Matautu, there are some pros and cons. The Pros are that it is a great venue and always a great feed but the cons are that your scribe ran into some friends visiting from Australia and got distracted for the first few rounds of downdowns!

Starting from this day in history – On October 3 a long long time ago, a Danish slave ship sank, killing everyone onboard. The resident Dane Captain Mortein took his first of many downdowns for the night due to his Danish ancestry and poor captaining skills.

GM Awards started with stories from the weekend. One Hashman was sleeping after attending a hash birthday party and heard dogs barking outside his house. Assuming they were howling at the moon, he thought nothing of it. In reality there was a new moon and the dogs were barking at the ninjas who broke in to his house! Downdowns for Ben for sleeping and Ninja for passing his ninja skills to the locals!

Latecomers Broboner, Pirate Princess and newbie Deidre took their turn in the middle and GM awards continued. Hotnutz caught his first marlin-80kgs! Dev was in the bar but didn’t come us as a retread! Titty G told the GM she bought new shoes and was going to try to run in them but then didn’t even walk AND didn’t bring the shoes! Not sure what happened but GM took off his shoes and I think Titty G begged forgiveness and promised to bring her own next week.

Before the run when Ninja Mom was rocking Ninja Baby in the pram as Sassy Girl was looking on adoringly, Captain remarked to SOTB that Sassy probably wants grandchildren. The truth though, is that POD heard Captain say he’d help her make them! We’re not sure Captain understands that just because he’s old, doesn’t mean his babies count as grandchildren, but we’ll give him a downdown and leave it at that.

Birthdays: Dumass, SOTB, Snake, Tasha, and Shafter 

Goodbye to ACDC who left later that night on his American Dance tour ( Hello to Deidre who was a latecomer so didn’t get to introduce herself the first time – she works at CV and was brought by people named Desh and Court? Downdowns for them whole lot of em!

On to awards from the floor: Sassy Girl dobbed in Ali for leaning and Godfather for not explaining the rules, but Godfather nominated Swinger as his whipping boy. Hotnutz nominated shortcutters Hideo and wife whose only excuse was, “we followed Sassy!”

Chili’s bag got stolen at ACDC’s semiengagement party last week so the two of them were nominated. Yours truly took her turn in the middle because I invited my friend on a walk today but didn’t exactly tell him we were walking to hash… oops! Ever since Captain said he wanted to make grandbabies with Sassy, Pirate Princess was latched on to her Captain. This did not escape Sassy’s attention. Wonder if it was Captain or Sassy who wanted those babies more?

With so few nominations from the floor, I nominated Wahoo for singing her little but off! Our side of the circle, which had more than 10 people, was barely singing except for Wahoo. This was painfully obvious when she was the one getting a downdown!

In honor of the epic game where Tonga kicked some Frog butt, everyone wearing Tonga Red represented them (Ben and Hot Nutz). More in sports, the Sea Eagles beat the Warriors in the Rugby League Championship and anyone with Australian blood stepped up to represent. That was Jade even though she claimed she’s from Melbourne, where people don’t watch that stuff.

Roadkill award to Kirsten for almost getting run over 4 times on the run. Shortcutter award from Sassy, the self proclaimed Queen of Shortcuts, who came back to find Wahoo and her friend already sitting down!

Loser award to GM who made the Nafanua team loose in their Regatta because he refused to paddle in the finals! Dumass followed that up with another award for GM – Dumass claimed GM offered to set the run but by 4:45 he still hadn’t set it. Dumass dragged his sad, flu ridden body out of bed and called him to see what was what. Right of reply, GM DID set the run! It was on flour with 4 false trails and a great run according to the front running bastards. Downdown awarded to Dumass for ungratefulness!

Finally, host and hare: ACDC had left already to catch his plane, but Tasi, Dumass and SOTB took their downdowns with grace. Dinner was a great spread prepared mostly by Tasi, including crab- seafood – curry -palusami! Delish!
Next week is White Sunday, so Monday is a Public Holiday. Run will be at 2 at a beach/swimming pool. Still looking for hosts so anyone who is interested please contact Spanky at 7262122!



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