Friday, September 30, 2011

Hash Run 1590 - Ynot Bar

Morning All,
Next weeks run is going to be down at Y-Not Bar in Matautu. Dumass AC/DC and the Nafanua Club will be hosting the run on Monday. Run will start at 1730 Hrs as normal and there will also be a keg there on the day.

There is no theme at the moment, but check back on Monday in case we update the blog...See you all then!

Other things happening this week:

Friday (5:30pm onwards) Tiafau Fale, Millenia, AC/DC's semi engagement Party
Saturday (1pm onwards) - Nafanua Paddling Regatta (Ynot Bar, Matautu)
Saturday (7:30pm onwards) - Zha Zha and Slim Shaddy's Birthday party at Zha Zha's place (Vaoala) Theme: G or M

On On

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