Friday, September 23, 2011

Hash Trash 1588

Kia Ora from Aotearoa. This is a bit rushed but hoping you all will have a good time next week. Look out for us in the Samoa Fiji game!

The Hash was hosted by Zsa Zaa, Chilindrina and Slim Shady up on Bank Street. It was a fine cool evening which was good as many runners were suffering since the Relay. The trail was a familiar one from Zsa Zsa, except he did it in reverse this time. It was really hard getting down the trail into the valley, and when there it was the usual straight back up the cow pastures and on home. Not too long but made us sweat.

SOTB was willing to be GM, probably as he had a bunch of revenge to mete out. He called forth the newbies and these were Yuko and Hide from Japan, Neil from Fiji guest of Horny Ho, and our famous singer Ben Vai and Rosabelle who claimed to be the hired help. The rethreads were Snake, Dumass and we warmly welcomed Mustang Sally. Celebrity Awards went to Zsa Zsa, Poumuli and Hot Nuts (SPREP meeting photo in Observer), Sassygirl BJ (full page story on leadership in Observer), Lewinsky (free advertising in Observer), Swinger (Mom’s letter to the Editor) and Lezzie (returning photo from SPG, which Captain Mortein took as closest living relative).

This Day in History Awards went to Zsa Zsa – Hungary admitted to League of Nations in 1922; POD for St Ariane of Phrygia Day which SOTB took; US Constitution Day to Spanky; International Talk Like A Pirate Day to Pirate Princess and Captain Mortein; and this was the day Monica Lewinsky started her psychology degree at Lewis and Clark College.

The GM started his awards, naming Swinger for excessive running today. He presented a Commitment Award to Mustang for coming to Hash straight from the airport instead of seeing her family. Apparently Dumass had blown away a bunch of kids during a school beach day run. Karaoke got the No Faith Award for thinking the teams wouldn’t finish the relay, while a Scandalous Rumour Award went to Hot Nuts and Cockblocker for being left alone in the house with Pauline playing doctors and nurses following her dramatic sprained ankle incident.

Poumuli then nominated Lewinsky for wanting a white stain on the blue running shirts, but was forced to join in for leaning towards an FBI award. Sassy nominated Ben for doing a good job keeping Sondra quiet this time – didn’t last. Captain Mortein noted that on October 5 a ruthless dictator in Italy was hung by his ankles and wondered if there was another ruthless dictator present whose birthday fell on the same day – SOTB accepted the Mussolini Honourable Mention Award.

CB wanted to recognize a hasher for all the help provided in support of the relay, and nominated Slippery for a Hero Award. Poumuli got this doubled with a Hiding Candle under the Bushel Award, as Francis’s photos were much better than Slippery’s and there were no boob-shots to edit out.

Hooker Lua nominated Neil and Crime for Knights in Shining Armour Award for rescuing her on the run. CB and Ben got an FRB Award for not calling On On, while Sassy nominated Slim Shady for the Poledancing Award for, well doing just that in the bushes on the run!

Poumuli nominated Sassy for the Good Parenting Award, because according to the blog she gave her offspring more than 4 down downs last hash. Damien stepped forward and nominated Ben for the Lost in Translation Award. He had asked whether the red hibiscus flowers were the flour we were supposed to follow. Lewinsky nominated Snake for the Services to Hash Award for sponsoring kegs to the after party, When it was pointed out that Godfather had sponsored the other one then Swinger was identified as closest living relative to his disdain.

We had some advertising awards that were lost to posterity before we thanked the hosts and hare, who had put on a great feast thanks to the Curry House plus hot dogs from Rosabelle and Ben. POD got in a Luckiest Hash Mere Award to Wahoo for her extensive travel schedule.

On On
Poumuli, IKA Slit

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