Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hash Trash 1589

Buenos Dias from Panama, and thanks to Spanky for the Hash Trash
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Poumuli, IKA Slt

Even with daylight savings giving us some extra sunlight, it was still chilly up in Afiamalu where Ben and Sondra hosted their first HASH last night. As it was their first time hosting, there was some confusion and nobody set a run. Pussy snatcher stepped up to lead the few hashers who managed to find the house on the top of the mountain.

New to Apia HASH were Trevor from Houston brought by Pussy Snatcher and Joey from Hawaii who is ACDC’s fiancĂ©! ACDC joined them in their welcome down down because apparently in the few weeks he has known Joey he forgot to tell her to call him ACDC. Also, his belt buckle said ACDC.

Retreads were Yuki who has been scubadiving, Ninja and wife who went to Tokelau and ACDC who was busy looking after Ninja in Tokelau. And getting engaged!
With no Poumuli to bring evidence, Celebrity awards were considerably less reliable than usual. Godfather’s sister was seen on TV at Eden Park so closest living relative was deemed Captain Mortein. World Peace Day was Last Wednesday and there were beautiful pictures of Snatch’s mom (CLR Pussy Snatcher) and Slim Shady.
SOTB is such a technologically advanced GM that he has been storing his awards on his phone and reading them off, which is great unless Lewinsky calls the GM in the middle of the circle! First GM award of the night was telephones Interuptus for SOTB. This was not the last telephones interuptus from cheeky Lewinsky who was home sick but still managed to give out downdowns to those who forgot to turn off their phones in the circle.

Continuing with GM awards, someone claimed to see Spanky eating at Pinatis with a group of boys on Saturday night and not sharing her food! I took the downdown but for the record I did share!!! In the theme of superhero masks, ZsaZsa spent hours working on his Troy-inspired broom on cardboard helmet instead of doing important work at UN! DMT said this was a false accusation because she had seen GM wearing that helmet at a previous costume party, but GM didn’t care and sent them both to the middle. Earlier in the night Chilindrina kicked GM’s beer over on his feet and then refilled it with a cup of foam – how rude! Final GM award was for the closest living relative to Eliota Fuimaono-Sapolu, who recently made comments about how unfair world cup scheduling was. Unfortunately for Pirate Princess, she is somehow related. Some in the circle thought this was an unfair downdown and GM was acting a bit Hitler.

A couple of birthdays in the group – ZsaZsa who took his downdown after inviting us all to his fantasy themed birthday party he is cohosting with Slim Shady (Dress as your fantasy starting with an M or a G– I’m thinking of dressing as our GM!). Sadly, it is Kareoke’s birthday too but she is home sick! Everready was sad that they couldn’t go out to Kokobanana for her birthday…so he left her at home to be sick and came to Hash alone!

On to awards from the floor- some burning plastic smells from the BBQ got Ben, Captain and Snake in the middle, CB’s marine life inspired tattoo got him one, ZsaZsa asked Slim Shady to buy him lubricant while she was in NZ and this inspired a round of downdowns as well. ACDC, who has been in Tokelau for a while, nominated the GM for “look good and do good GM. Better now.” This comment on GM’s improvement was graciously accepted, but the rebuttal was that ACDC left Samoa speaking English and came back having lost it! Double downdown because ACDC was also leaning… on his fiancĂ©. They were, like, totally making out.

On to what we were all interested to hear – how did Joey and ACDC meet? She went on an archeological did in Tokelau and it was like two magnets drawn together in the night. And also, there’s not a lot of guys in Tokelau. We are all humbly invited to their engagement bbq at Milenia on Friday. In ACDC’s words, theme is “no fancy.”
Many nice costumes and masks were on display, but there were some who came with no mask and raided the garden. Jungle Raider award from Sassy to Dumass, Crime, Pussy Snatcher and Slim Shady for all the leaves on their heads. A double to Dumass who had two leaves pointing up and looked like a playboy bunny, err, bush bunny.
At least the jungle raiders had costumes though! Team Japan made the effort to come all the way up the mountain and yet made no effort to make a costume! This did not go unnoticed by Sassy.

Hookalua held up a white ie in the circle and nominated the one who had lost their skirt. ZsaZsa looked down to his shorts then up with a red face. He claimed the dogs grabbed it… but we think it might have had something to do with the excess of lube from NZ.

GM noticed however that Hookalua had only given one award but had been talking the whole time! And, he brought her a mask which she refused to wear. Downdown for Hookalua!

Slim Shady, in her lubrication obsessed state, shared a disturbing comment Pussy Snatcher made earlier about how he doesn’t like manufactured lube but prefers it natural…by using snails. She of course also got voted in because somehow all of Slim’s nominations seem to backfire on her as well.
ACDC had one more nomination, but to be honest I have no idea what he said. Something about “making chef” and all the bbq boys took their downdown (Captian Mortein and Snake).

At this point in the circle there was much chatter and neither GM nor Sassy appreciated the lack of respect for the circle! No Respect for Authority Double downdowns for DMT, Slim and Sondra. Sondra has gotten this a few weeks in a row but she hasn’t even been named yet so she better watch out or when she gets her name she’s not going to like it!

Last award was for Crime who stayed behind the front running bastards and did the whole run with Sassy, even encouraging her to complete the whole thing. Malo Crime!
Thanks to Hosts Ben and Sondra for putting on a great spread! Pussy Snatcher says it was the best oka he has ever tasted!

To recap, here is the schedule of upcoming events:
Friday – ACDC and Joey’s engagement party at Milenia. Theme is No Fancy.
Saturday day – Nafanua hosts a social paddling regatta. Anyone interested in rowing contact CB. Starts at noon.

Saturday night – Slim Shady and ZsaZsa’s birthday party at Zsazsa’s place. Theme is dress as your fantasy starting with an M or a G.
Monday Oct 3– Hash at Y Not Bar in Matautu – hosted by Dumass and ACDA. Also a farewell for ACDC (another one!) as he leaves Monday night for the Water Is Rising tour, dancing for climate change. ( THEME of run – WATER IS RISING.
Monday Oct 10 – Holiday run for White Sunday – still looking for hosts! Anyone interested can contact Spanky at 7262122 thanks!

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