Friday, May 18, 2012

Hash Run 1623 - Strangler, Dave & Bruce @ Hollywood Boulevard

Good Evening All,
Next week's run will be hosted by Strangler, Dave and Bruce up in Vaoala, aka Hollywood Boulevard, just opposite the SPREP Compound. There is no theme for the moment, but check back on Monday in case there is a change of plans.

The hosts have kindly offered to put on the spread for us so just bring a change of clothes and your hash cash $15 on the day. We will have our Keg there on Monday as well as sweet nuts and softies.

Directions: Head up the cross island road, turn off just after the American Embassy Compound and head down the SPREP Road and look for the paper or flour on the left hand side.

Run will start at 1730Hrs so be on time as it will get dark quite fast up there.

On On

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