Monday, June 04, 2012

Hash Trash 1624

The Hash was hosted at HQ1. Crime had been co-opted as Hare, and set off along the seawall with a bag of flour. The pack was rallied by SOTB and off we went, the trail going out along the entire sea wall it seemed. At the back of the RSA there was some confusion but eventually we found the tral leading down Convent Street past McDonalds. Tallyho, Poumuli, Bruce and a few others were taking turns in leading, as the trail was lost a few times. This was especially the case when we reached the Vaitele road, as several local mutts had apparently been eating the flour! Past Ififi College we were all expecting to be sent back down to Beach Road, but no, Crime wanted us to run. Passing the track down to the creek twice, but no trail. So we ended up going all the way out to the UN complex and back down to HQ1 the long way. Unfortunately there were no sweet nuts to quench us – at the least the 6 or so who were dumb enough to do the whole trail. The vast majority had already returned to HQ1 on this warm afternoon. SOTB was able to muster enough energy to GM, and saw that there were no newcomers to Hash. But there were numerous rethreads – Crash Bandicoot, Poumuli, Lewinsky, AC/DC, Pro Bona and Bruce. No new shoes were found so Snake had to take one. Celebrity Awards went to Godfather (Crash took it), Lezzie (Sam took it) and Lewinsky (for Bill Clintons appearance at Cannes Film Festival with 3 porn stars). This Day in History went to Sassygirl BJ (451 battle between Armenians and the Sassanid Empire), Witch Doctor (1647 first execution of a witch in the US), Lewinsky (1997 Paula Jones trial proceeds with Lewinsky evidence), Poumuli (1940 UK, French, Polish and Norwegian troops defeat Germans at Narvik, 1st allied victory in WWII), and Pro Bona (its St. Bona’s Day). The Hash also welcomed a first time hash mere – Summer, duly taken by Lewinsky. The GM then initiated a convoluted fight over who had been the FRB, which eventually went to Tallyho. Then there was the hash mere who had turned up late and used Facebook to contact the GM for directions – Social Media Award to Toa’ai. AC/DC and Crash were done for leaning and it was doubled for wearing sunnies. Sassy then nominated the two hashers who had declined to be named and were now clamouring for it – Hideo and Yoko. She also managed to get a down-down for AC/DC for his marriage postponement and the lack of information to the Hash. Poumuli tried to get Crime for switching sides on the road the whole time, which backfired. The GM tried to get Kevin as an additional FRB, but it then emerged that Snake had passed him, only to run into his house for a quick beer. This was of course hashmanlike behaviour but resulted in an Early Start Award. Latecummer Cockblocker was welcomed back into the fold, while Tallyho wanted an award for the Super 6 who had completed the full trail. Bruce and Dave were given that one instead, the latter for going to cricket attendance. Sassy wanted to nominate Tallyho and Weathercock for being tonedeaf bastards, but they managed to get this backfired by stating that the Hash songs were songs of praise that require no harmony. Lewinsky wanted an award for Sam for being a cheap bastard in not providing a hash discount to Lewinsky. Sam countered that he had asked Lewinsky for one two years ago, didn’t get one and was merely repaying. But Sam wasn’t in the Hash 2 years ago, so down down. Snake managed to get Fang a farewell award as this is her last run til Christmas. Lewinsky had spotted Poumuli in Auckland transit and gave him a congratulatory award, which he joined for terrorizing Poumuli for what lay ahead. Bruce got Sassy for leaning, or the Decline of the Sassanid Empire Award. The Hare and the Host, Crime and Lewinsky were saluted. On On Poumuli, IKA Slit

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