Monday, November 26, 2012

1650 Thanksgiving Run - Weathercock's @ Siusega

Hallo Hashers

Today's hash will be at Weathercock's place at Siusega. It is a thanksgiving Run and we thank Snake for offering to provide a turkey...whether he has found someone to cook it is another story so you may have to spend time sitting on your piece of turkey to cook it lol!

From the look of the weather, Weathercock has also organised crappy weather to go so please bring something warm to change into.

Our nectar in a barrel will be there so bring your Hash Cash... Can anyone remember what we were suppose to put into food?? besides the turkey from Snake??

In any case...see you all there...if you need a map, look up the previous maps on the blog and if you cant do that then call me on 7574250...



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