Friday, November 09, 2012

Hash Trash 1647

Only the brave dared to face the weather for Hash 1647. Hosted by Sexpot and Desperate Housewife at the Apia Yacht Club. Palolo season had certainly arrived, meaning rain, rain and more rain. The run started with the to order, explanation by Crime the Hare, and On On following paper. The run led us around the seawall towards sails and around Mulinu'u point. Lucky for all the heavy rain from earlier had subsided as we entered the muddy parts of the mangrove patch. After a brief foray around the back of the Court and government building the trail led on to the main road where the paper trail went dead. Apparently this was the run and it was On Home. Very short even in hash terms. CB lead those that were enthusiastic enough further down the road towards the fish market cutting through the empty handy craft stalls and back along the sea wall to the yacht club, where we were greeted with a torrential down pour and a 100m swim to finish. The run was enjoyed by all with the built up thirst washed away with God Fathers sweet nuts.

The GM of the evening, POD called the Hash Circle to order. There were 7 Newbies (again a bunch of med students) – they’re breeding like rabbits! Their names were James, Gibbo, Liana, James the II, Neil, Nira all from London (apologies for any misspelling or misinformation), also Swinger brought a friend along (unfortunately the scribe didn’t catch his name so we’ll call him Mr X). Mr X did manage to award Swinger a down down due to calling him by his real name.

Rethreads were next to be called up and they included Dumbass (who had been overseas), Crash and Delicious. We never got to hear their excuse for not coming as Godfather started playing the Down Down Song already. Little Luana joined in the down down too (good to see them starting early). Fireman Sam then was called up for avoiding the rethread call up. At the same time The Head arrived so was given the Latecummer award, so they drank together.

Many celebrities this week due to the Vailima Halloween Party and the two page spread in the Sunday Samoa showing numerous Hashers in Halloween Costume. Godfather, Titty G, POD, Lewinsky, Crash, Delicious, CB & DMT.

This Day In History went to: James as the UK rep - The game Monopoly was introduced by Parker Bros company in 1935. Mr X (Swinger’s Mate) – 1963 Archeologists found the remains of Viking Settlement in Newfoundland US. Ozzy – 1977 Ozzy Osbourne quits Black Sabbath only to rejoin a few weeks later. Lewinsky – 1998 President Clinton had to answer 81 questions for the House Impeachment Inquiry regarding Ms Lewinsky (“I did not have sexual relations with Ms Lewinsky.”) Zsa Zsa – 1999 a 12 day conference on global warming attended by delegates from 170 nations ended in Germany (SPREP).

GM didn’t muck around as she then went straight into GM’s awards. Hornithologist was nominated as when going to pay her Hash Cash she put her real profession Ornithologist instead of Hornithologist.

Twin Peaks did a check for new shoes. Nira had lovely bright pink shoes which everyone thought were new but she said she had them for ages and for Twin Peaks to smell them to authenticate her story. Even though they were new to Hash, she didn’t have to drink out of them or else all newcummers to Hash would be required to do the same, and that might not make us very popular.

Gayboy was quick to point out that Godfather, who wore his reef shoes to run in, would be require to drink out of them. Godfather rose to the occasion and took the down down.

Today was given a drink due to joining in a touch rugby game with the locals during the run.

Another Latecummer dropped in Jordan, and whilst he was coming to the circle, Delicious, Brent and Annie were all caught leaning so at least Jordan had some company whilst having his down down.

Andrea was called up to have a drink for her last Hash before returning to Wellington.

The Antisocial Award went to both newcummers James and James the II, nominated by Brent for running with an ipod.

Gayboy nominated Godfather for the frightening the bejesus out of him at the Halloween Party.

The Volunteer Award when to Crime nominated by Transporter who spotted him being a security guard for Italiano Pizza on Saturday night. He had actually had one Vailima too many and passed out outside the shop.

Angry Bird Handover was awarded from Last week’s Angry Bird Sexpot to CB. When he had to reverse CB’s car to get the BBQ out, he saw an axe in there. CB revealed that he has actually used the axe in a road rage confrontation. Sexpot had to have a down down as well though as he had not been wearing the Angry Birds attire the whole night (which is a Hash rule).

Prick of the Week time, and Gayboy was quick to nominate a certain Bank Manager because he wanted a loan and did not get one. The Bank Manager was quick to point out that Gayboy couldn’t be trusted to pay back the loan so GM put a vote to the Hashers to see who they would trust more and to Gayboy’s chagrin, he was the one to be drinking out of the Prick Glass. He had to shut his eyes when drinking out of the cock mug.

A down down went to Dumbass for being the BBQ Boss of the night.

Finally the Hare and Hosts, Crime, Sexpot and DH were called up and had their drink.

Then Godfather mentioned the Walk for Life 3km walk on Saturday. Then said he should have a down down for not thanking everyone for coming on Wednesday night to the Halloween Party at Ynot.

Next week’s run is open. We are looking for a Host if there are any takers.

On On.

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