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Dave & Alisha Street, “Skidmark” Mark  & Luisa Small, of Westpac  hosted yesterday’s run from  the cool heights of Vailima. Several hashers were overhead whining already about the pending run given the trail that was set on the road all the way up to Lamosa and thereabouts. One could not miss it given the amount of paper that was scattered around the neighbor-hood thanks to the environmentally conscious hosts and hares. Goodness knows how many trees went into that trail?

After the runners returned, red in the faces and poor Desperate Housewife was rushed to the hospital for a dog bite, some of the hashers made good use of the pool to cool down and rinse off their sweat. I hope Skidmark and Dave disinfect their pool properly before any further use.

Sassy stepped in as acting GM for the evening and called the circle. Having lost the acting scribe DH, Sassy can’t recall who the new boots and the many darn retreads as well. A new shoe was found and caused much excitement from the males as the new mere was also drenched and looked ready for a wet t-shirt competition.

No this day in history, obviously wasn’t a very special day! Celebrity awards went to Craig of Westpac on behalf of Sexpot being mentioned in the paper, Godfather for appearing on NZ Telly and Hippy for talking on the radio…again!

  • At this point in time, the GM spotted Craig from Westpac holding up a chair, goodness knows why so he and Skidmark, for not explaining the rules, took a down down each!
  • For the Environmental Award, NOT– Skidmark and Dave took a down down for having far too much paper on the trail.
  • Snake was called up for getting overly excited with TittyG’s wet pussy and Eveready for looking funnily at the pussy’s one rear eye. Much laughter was had as the poor pussy cat was none the wiser.
  • In so far as we can recall, last week was the first time that hash has had to resort to drinking bottles no thanks to the brewery for selling our hash keg. Da Head was given his just reward despite excuses that he was on leave.
  • Poor Dave and Skidmark were called up for “poor protection detail” for the Boss’s wife and allowing her to get bitten by a dog. 
  • Craig was called up for misrepresenting FESA by having a Westpac pickup painted similar to an Emergency vehicle and prominently parking it roadside for all to see. At least they took off the “I love Samoa” tag.
  • TittyG, being the great sport that she is confirmed that she was wearing GF’s speedo  and keeping them warm for him.
  • Of course, we had to have a drink off – commiseration to the Kiwis for losing to the Mighty Manu at the Dubai 7s and the hiding by the English Roses in the 15s. The Med students represented NZ, Crime for Manu and the whining POMs – Tallyho!
  • Underrated happened to sneak in just then and got a down down after a year’s absence. Welcome back Underrated and the mini hashers.
  • Tallyho nominated Viet, one of our Med Students for putting his skills into some practical use after DH’s mishap with a disagreeing dog during the run.
  • Dave and Skidmark were not amused when watching a cricket came at OTR one evening and were told by Lewinsky that they were switching channels to a real sport. Poor Customer services award to Lewinsky and for Dave for calling cricket a sport?
  • Lewinsky then went on the attack and accused Dave for not wearing his wedding band, ever…until this evening. Sounds fishy but what the heck, Dave got another one.
  • Ringring dobbed in Crime and Tomorrow for chariot riding back to base. According to Crime, he was keeping an eye out for Tomorrow. Well Done Crime!
  • Skidmark went after Gayboy for serving up some crap at their establishment, different to what they ordered. Gayboy in his defense piped up straight away and said that he always serves cold beer..ugh? During the long winded and subsequent response  from Gayboy, the GM went to sleep against the post. Lucy tried to get the GM for this and backfired nicely, as GM was tired of the verbal diarrhea. Lucy met the down down.
  • Madeline was not impressed with Hippy and accused her of being a lazy diver last week. So Hippy took her just deserts and Madeline had to help finish it off.  Unfortunately she had her glasses perched on her head so another down down was in order. “I didn’t know this shit rule” was her response. Lucky the GM didn’t give her another one.
  • Craig almost choked when he found out Sexpot’s hash name and he had some lame accusation about Sexpot riding a bicycle to work?? They both got down downs for the lame dob and for using Sexpot’s real name.
  • Snatch called for the Disruption of the Peace award to be given to the mere with the wet tshirt. Obviously Eveready and Snake were rather excited and their eyes spoke volumes, much to the dismay of Karaeoke.
  • Dave, who after several down downs was finding it rather difficult to articulate himself…told about Lucy and how she had asked about the dress code for the pool…whether they should go in fully clothed? The hash men broke out in laughter and as expected of hashmen  behavior called out “take it off “.  For the considerate guest award, Lucy got down with it.
  • Now after all the carrying on about the new hash mere with the wet tshirt, she retaliated by dobbing in Snatch for giving her advice about taking 2 tbs of vinegar to cure her hiccups…as Snatch is ready to pop and her Pussysnatcher is not allowed to drink, our heroine was given the Gullible Award. Additionally, the GM called for Witchdoctor to join her after she tried to massage a knee??? Now there is a new pick up if I ever saw one. Eveready also told the circle that after the white vinegar was consumed, Snatch added that it should have been malt vinegar. We shall be wary of any future medical advice from Snatch.
  • James (Med) wanted to give TittyG and Godfather a Good Samaritan award for picking them up after their sojourne up to Lake Lanotoo. Godfather instead launched into an FBI award story about his visit to a café in town where some of the Med students gave him a funny look when they over-heard that he was going to Rock the Boat on Fri.  Yeah, something about being too old to rock it? In any case, there he witnessed the dance moves by Dirty Dancing James and that must have impressed Godfather very much. All the Med Students took the down down for this one and making Godfather very proud.
  • Lewinsky, who had earlier on passed on the Angry Chicken Award to Dave allegedly pulling DH in front of him when the dog happened by, was called up by Tallyho, for losing the staff of office that he had carved with TLC.  Whilst Tallyho was throwing his fit, Lewinsky came back swiftly with “ This is not England” much to the amusement of everyone.
  • Gayboy told of his birthday some time during the week and how he ended up after one beer and a 101Proof rum drink, courtesy of Lucy, sleeping in the store room at YNOT Bar. At least  we know he was safe. He was given his due down down for not inviting the rest of the hash and for not being able to handle his alcohol.
  • Finally, DH, asked for a Good Fellow Award for all the hashers that came to her rescue and took care of her.  Glen, Lewinsky, Twin Peaks, Viet and Hippy. Well done guys.

The Hosts and Hares were called for their down down. Thank you very much Dave & Alisha, Skidmark and Luisa.

The circle finally came to an end followed by a very large and delicious spread. Everyone enjoyed the food as well as TittyG’s pussy who thinks he is a dog. lol


SassygirlBJ, acting scribe and GM lol!!

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  1. Hi All,
    Thanks for Monday it was super fun (although, i did find ants all over my snickers on Tuesday morning lol)
    I was wondering if someone has Dave Street's details. I left a nike, navy-blue cap at his house on Monday and I was hoping he would be able to bring it along to next week's hash for me.
    Thanks in advance,
    Irini (irini.agollari@gmail.com)