Tuesday, December 04, 2012


Talofa lava all you wonderful and crazy Hashers!!!

Next week is our XMAS Run through the township of Apia, Home of the DUBAI SEVENS WINNER - DA MANU SAMOA !!!!

Everyone is asked to congregate at the Snakepit, Saleufi, across from Lotemau Centre by 5.30pm. If you do not want to sit on the ice, then remember your Xmassy decorations and outfits. No excuses lol!

The Firetruck will be there and our Med Student Dirty Dancing James will be the Santa, accompanied by the little elves, Desperate Housewife and Snatch who both have valid excuses for being on the truck!!

Our dinner is being catered for by Bev O'Grady and her team.

All you need is to bring yourselves along with your $15 and we should be laughing.

The Monk has indicated that she may make a quick stop by to check out who has been naughty and not nice :)

So see you all then!!!

ON ON and be on time!

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